Does Tea Tree Oil Remove Eyelash Extensions?

does tea tree oil remove lash extensions

While tea tree oil has long been used in traditional medicines, it has amassed a lot of value and fame in the beauty industry in the last few years. It helps with various skin problems, like dryness, acne, or dandruff. People also employ tea tree oil to support their eyelashes growth.

But our today’s topic is quite different from what we usually discuss about tea tree oil. Yes! Does it help remove lash extensions?

When you get eyelash extensions from a professional, they always suggest keeping your lashes away from oily makeup products. It is because oil weakens the bond of lash glue, which can cause lash extensions to fall too early.

While you can use any oil to remove eyelash extensions, tea tree oil can be more helpful for a few reasons. In addition to helping you take off lash extensions, it cleans and clears your eyelashes from buildup and prevents conditions like dryness and trichiasis.

But does tea tree oil is the best way to remove eyelash extensions? Let’s find out!

This article will help you grasp whether you should use tea tree oil to remove your lash extensions or not. Also, how to use it effectively.

Can Tea Tree Oil Remove Eyelash Extensions?

According to recent research, more than 25% of American adults adopt organic products in their beauty regime, and this number is growing with every passing year. Therefore, manufacturers are revamping their products with natural ingredients.

While it is true that oils like olive oil help remove lash extensions, tea tree oil is more beneficial to clean them instead of taking them off. Therefore, it would be better if you employ it to clear your eyelashes of build-up, open clogged hair follicles, and lube your volume lashes.

Tea tree oil does not break eyelash extensions glue as coconut, castor, or olive oil do. So, it might be effective at removing lash extensions. However, you can mix with other oils to take off volume lashes.

According to Allied Market Research, tea tree oil demand in the cosmetic industry has skyrocketed in the last three years and is expected to grow by 5.95% in the next five years.

So, when tea tree oil is becoming a common commodity in the beauty regime, people are looking for ways to use it for their everyday beauty errands.

Should You Use Tea Tree Oil To Clean Lash Extensions?

Tea tree oil is famous for its ability to fight against acne, inflammation, dead skin cells buildup, oily skin, and fungal infections. Moreover, it has moisturizing properties and increases new cell turnover. 

Therefore, it not only prevents infections and cleans your lash line, but tea tree oil can promote eyelashes growth as well.

While you might think that keeping your eyelash extensions dry all the time can help you make them long-lasting, the reality is the opposite. Experts recommend lubing your volume lashes to avoid dryness and crunchy texture

So, you can use tea tree oil to lube and moisturize your eyelashes, containing lash extensions. 

  • Check your skin sensitivity against tea tree oil by applying some to a small patch of your skin.
  • Dilute tea tree oil with castor oil.
  • Make sure you use tea tree oil to the base of the lashline.
  • The oil shouldn’t get into your eyes. 
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes, then wash it away with a gentle cleanser. 

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe For Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, tea tree oil is safe to use on eyelash extensions. It is lightweight and doesn’t break lash glue. Moreover, tea tree oil is employed to clean the eyelashes of buildup, open clogged oil glands, and kill lash mites.

Tea tree oil contains ingredients that increase cell turnover. Therefore, it might help strengthen your lashes and promote their growth.

However, always do a skin sensitivity test before using any oil or other product. Pure tea tree oil can be too strong for the skin and cause irritation. So, dilute it with coconut, castor, or olive oil before using it on your eyelash extensions.

lash extensions care

It is crucial to know that while tea tree oil doesn’t loosen lash extensions, leaving it too long on your volume lashes may break the glue and make volume lashes fall out too early.

Therefore, don’t let it sit on your eyelashes for more than 25 minutes. Also, avoid using it where glue is bonding extensions and your natural eyelashes.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home Safely?

If you can’t visit a professional to get your lash extensions removed, there are different ways you can employ to take them off at home safely. Eyelash extension or glue remover solutions are available that you can order. However, if you want a greener way to remove eyelash extensions, it is possible by using oils.

While you can loosen eyelash extensions by drenching them with essential oil or taking steam for a few minutes, the easiest way to do so is by employing a glue dissolver.

When keeping it out of your eyes, you can apply this solution to your lash extensions with the help of a cotton pad and wait for two minutes. The volume lashes will come off upon touching or brushing the natural eyelashes.

However, if you want the oil to help you take off your eyelash extensions, you certainly can take its assistance. Apply coconut oil to your volume lashes overnight and take a hot shower in the morning. It might take two or three days to remove lash extensions going this way.

But if you want to do it in a single day, we have written a whole article on how can you pull it off using olive or castor oil.

Executive Summary

Eyelash extensions glue contain cyanoacrylate, which is a robust bonding agent. Therefore, every oil can’t break it down. While drenching your eyelash extensions with tea tree oil for a long time might slightly loosen the glue, it is not the best option.

Instead, you can use coconut or olive oil to take off your volume lashes. And tea tree oil for cleaning your eyelash extensions of makeup and sebum build-up. It also kills lash mites and prevents infections.