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We will explain the Laboratory-based chemistry of products and procedures.

We know trust is earned, so we strive to create accurate, outspoken, contemporary, and actionable content. We don’t give advice; we share what we have been doing for years.

Our Work is Shaped By

Lab-Based Results

We work at Derma Mark, a manufacturing unit for cosmetics and skincare products. Our lab is equipped with modern tools, ingredients, and chemicals, allowing us to conduct regular tests and provide you with helpful information. Faisal has been doing all of the required testing of products for the last three years.


Having hands-on experience with products and procedures is crucial when it comes to obtaining reliable information. At Derma Mark, we take client feedback seriously and continuously work towards enhancing our products. Our clients share their stories with us, which enables us to gain more knowledge. In cases where we need more details on a particular topic, such as hairstyling procedures, we seek guidance from experienced experts.

Expert Opinions

We regularly engage with experts in our field, engaging in meaningful discussions and sharing valuable insights and experiences. By leveraging their knowledge and expertise, we optimize our content to help you in every possible way.

Finding Information about the chemistry of beauty, specifically hairstyling, is easy. It’s everywhere!

But acquiring trustworthy, relevant, and valuable information can be challenging and even overwhelming.

However, at Skinveterain, we are changing that by putting out authentic and easily accessible information.