4 Simple Ways To Shower Without Wetting Your Eyelashes

shower without wetting lash extensions

When getting eyelash extensions from the stylists, they always suggest keeping lashes away from water for the first 24 to 48 hours. It means no showers, swimming, or touching your face with wet hands. But is there any way you can shower without wetting your eyelash extensions, even on the first day?

Not showering with or at least not wetting your lash extensions for the first day or two is crucial. However, once the lash adhesive is set, you can bathe with your volume lashes while looking after a few things.

You may not want to douse your eyelash extensions during the shower to protect them from your regular-use shampoo and soaps. Plus, not exposing them to direct water pressure is critical as well.

So, I have put together a few helpful options to solve your issue of not wetting eyelash extensions while showering.

How to Prevent Wetting Eyelash Extensions in The Shower?

Many people talk about not getting their eyelash extensions wet even after the first two days. It is not what I will suggest to you. Washing your lashes helps you clean them and keep the lashline healthy.

Therefore, you should employ a proper technique to wash your eyelashes and clean them regularly. Doing so will not affect the extensions’ retention time.

However, you should take extra care of your lash extensions and not wet them in the shower for the first 24 hours of putting them on. Further, it is wise to protect volume lashes against harsh shampoos, soaps, and steam during the shower afterwards.

So, how can you shower without wetting your lash extensions? The following options will help!

1. Wear Goggles while Showering with Lash Extensions on

Protecting eyelash extensions from harsh shampoos, soap, or steam during the shower prevents them from falling out prematurely.

Therefore, wearing goggles during activities such as showering or swimming will help keep eyelash extensions intact and prevent damage.

The eyelash extension glues are usually waterproof, but lash stylists still advise avoiding the water getting onto your lashes too often. In the long run, water does weaken the bonds between the extensions and your natural eyelashes.

Further, you should avoid the water from the shower directly hitting your eyelash extensions because it also can weaken the bonds by its constant pressure.

So, wearing goggles is the best way to protect your lash extensions while showering, tanning, or swimming.

There are different types of goggles to choose between for your lash extension. You must select those that perfectly fitting your eyes to seal water from wetting your eyelashes during the shower.

I have a detailed article on some of the best shower goggles for volume lashes.

2. Tilt Your Head Back and Shower Facing Away

If you tilt your head backward during a shower, the water will flow down over your hair and the back instead of directly onto your face and eyelashes due to the change in angle.

Be careful not to tilt too far back, as this can get water into your eyes. You only need a slight backward tilt to redirect the shower stream.

Pair this with turning your body to face away from the showerhead. Keep your eyes closed and let the water run down your back rather than your front.

You may need to adjust the angle slightly to get it right.
This technique means the only water that reaches your eyelash extensions is an indirect splash rather than a direct stream.

By tilting your head and positioning yourself away from the water flow, you can effectively minimize the moisture that touches your eyelashes and extensions while showering.

3. Use Shower Eye Shields To Protect Lash Extensions

A shower eye shield is another option to keep your eyelash extensions dry while showering and shampooing.

This plastic shield conforms to the forehead just like a headband, providing a comfortable and flexible water-deflecting seal.

The shower shield only deflects water and doesn’t seal your eyelash extensions against the steam.


So, if you are about to take a hot or steamy shower with your volume lashes, consider wearing goggles instead.

You can also make a shower shield at home if you don’t have one. Take a light transparent plastic sheet and cut it as per your needs. Subsequently, take the adhesive tape to wear the sheet on your forehead.

Make sure your DIY shower shield deflects water.

4. Employ A Handheld Shower House To Wash Hair

If you don’t have goggles and can’t wait to shower with your new eyelash extensions, you can employ a handheld shower hose to wash your hair upside down.

This technique is helpful because it allows you to shower without wetting your lash extensions.

If you can sit in a posture like when people get their hair washed in a hair salon after the haircut, the chances of water touching your eyelashes will be near to none.

But what can you do if you don’t have the handheld shower hose or goggles to protect your eyelash extensions from getting wet?

Wear Your Normal Glasses To Shower Without Wetting Lash Extensions

If you have regular glasses that are not too big for your eyes and fit well, you can wear them when you don’t have shower goggles. However, you still will need to wash your hair upside down.

Make sure the water you are showering with is not steamy. Otherwise, your regular glasses won’t hold the steam away from your eyelash extensions.

Wrapping Up

While you should never shower within the first 16-24 hours of getting eyelash extensions to allow the lash adhesive to set, there are some ways to shower during the next hour of your appointment without wetting your lash extensions. You can wear shower or swim goggles or the plastic shower eyeshield to protect your volume lashes from water.