Why My Eyelashes Are Growing In Weird & Different Directions?

eyelashes growing in different directions

On average, people have 150 to 200 eyelashes on their eyes. However, some can have low as 50, and others can possess more than 200. Contrary to their number, eyelashes add a lot to beauty, especially making your eyes look more awake and stunning. In addition, they prevent dust and other particles from getting into your eyes.

Everyone is not blessed with perfect lashes, as some have short, thin, or straight ones. And in some cases, eyelashes grow in weird or different directions that can become challenging to manage.

So, why do your eyelashes are unruly or grow in different directions?

The most common reason for eyelashes growing in different directions is trichiasis, where your lashes turn in weird ways. However, sometimes people can have unruly and wild eyelashes naturally or from lash lifts. Luckily, you can fix them irrespective of what causes them to grow in the wrong direction.

This article examines the possible cause of eyelashes growing in different directions and explains ways to fix them.

Why Do Eyelashes Grow In Different Directions Or Sideways?

While factors like a lash lift or tint can contribute to eyelash growth sideways or in different directions, the most prominent cause is trichiasis.

According to a study, there are five ways trichiasis can make eyelashes on a single or both eyes grow in the wrong direction.

1. Eyelashes Growing Sideways After Lash Lift

The lash lift allows you to curl or change the direction of your eyelashes for months. Its process is quite similar to the hair perms. A solution is applied to your lashes, reorganizing the protein fibers and curling your lashes in any pattern you want.

The lashes remain curled for two to three months after the lift. Therefore, it is possible that the direction of your hair follicle also gets changed. And when the new eyelashes grow, they turn sideways or in the wrong direction.

While eyelashes don’t grow in different directions in every case of lash lifts, some people have experienced it. So, if you also went for a lash tint or lift a few weeks ago, you may see your lashes getting unruly, curly, and weird.

2. Lashes Can Grow in the Wrong Direction After Removing Extensions

If you regularly get eyelash extensions or wear falsies, your natural lashes may start growing in the wrong direction.

For example, when you wear a hat for a long time, your hair grows in the direction you wear the cap. It is because it strains hair follicles and may change their growth pattern.

So, it is possible and has been seen in many people that their eyelashes start growing in different directions once they remove the lash extensions or falsies.

3. Trichiasis To Make Lashes Grow in Weird Directions

The most common reason that makes eyelashes grow in different directions is trichiasis. A bacterial infection or some other eye conditions can contribute to it. Typically, due to the inflammation of the eyelid, lashes can grow inward or in weird directions. 

There are various types of trichiasis regarding the pattern of eyelashes growth.

  1. Full trichiasis is when the whole lashline starts growing inward. It is the least common.
  2. Partial trichiasis includes a few eyelashes growing inward or facing the eyeball.
  3. Distichiasis is observed when an additional row of thin lashes starts growing inwards.

There are some other types of trichiasis, which are not very common. 

The eyelashes grow in different directions more in older people. It is because the skin starts losing elasticity due to the declining collagen in the body. Therefore, hair follicles start losing ground in the skin and can grow into weird patterns. 

4. Naturally Unruly or Wild Lashes

It is not too common, but it has been observed that some people can have naturally unruly, weird, and curly eyelashes that grow in any direction. Or there is a condition called eyelash trichomegaly that causes increased length and wild lashes.

How To Fix Eyelashes Growing In Weird Directions?

Fixing eyelashes growing in different directions depends on what is causing it. In a condition like trichiasis, you will need to visit an ophthalmologist. However, if you have weirdly growing lashes after a lash lift or extensions, you can employ a heated curler to tame them.

1. Visit Opthamologist In Case Of Trichiasis

Trichiasis can have different causing factors, including dry eyes, bacterial infection, or inflammation. Therefore, it is critical to visit an expert and get it checked. You would need to treat the trichiasis causes, and your eyelashes will retrace to their usual growing direction.

In addition to visiting the expert, being mindful of a few things will help you prevent the problem in the future.

Nourish Lashes

Comb your eyelashes daily in the direction you want them to grow. Moisturize and nourish them using castor or almond oils. Invest in a good eyelash serum to help your lashes grow and strengthen.

Clean Your Eyelashes

Regularly cleansing your eyelashes is critical for their health because they catch a lot of dirt and undergo makeup build-ups. Most bacterial infections or inflammation leading to trichiasis happen due to eye makeup.

Good eyelash foam is available to clean your lashes gently, even if you are wearing volume eyelashes. And if your lashes are going through many downs, take a break from styling tools like conventional curlers.

2. Use a Heated Lash Curler

Heated lash curlers are modern technology and affordable devices that help curl or tame your eyelashes without pulling them or causing any damage. They include the use of heat to a safe level.

We recommend Grande Heated Lash Curler..

A heated curler doesn’t clamp, so there’s no pinching or crimping, and it boosts your lashes and makes you look more awake. It shapes your lashes better. Therefore, employing it to fix your lashes growing in different directions will be ideal.

The board-certified makeup artists agree that heated lash curlers are perfect for curling stubborn, straight, and weirdly growing eyelashes.

3. Eyelash Primer For Lashes Growing Sideways

An eyelash primer is the most convenient way to get those wonky lashes back to their place. But you will need a conventional curler afterward to curl the weird lashes back to normal.

eyelash growing in weird directions

But if you have a heated lash curler, you can use the primer after curling your lashes. It is because you cant use warmth on eyelashes containing mascara or primer.

Executive Summary

Trichiasis can make eyelashes grow in different directions, especially toward the eyeballs. However, lousy lash lifts or lash extensions can also make lashes grow weird. If you don’t have trichiasis, you can tame these eyelashes using a heated curler or primer.