Can You Use Baby Shampoo To Clean Eyelash Extensions?

can you use baby shampoo on eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are quite an investment of both money and time. Therefore, we take every possible step to make them last longer and look perfect. While it is crucial to clean them regularly, you need to be careful about the cleanser. Some people use baby shampoo on their eyelash extensions to remove buildup, makeup, and dirt.

Is it the right thing to do? Does the baby shampoo is formulated to be safe for your lash extensions?

While cleaning eyelash extensions with baby shampoo is safe occasionally, you should invest in a proper lash cleanser for regular use.

Investing in the right baby shampoo is crucial because while many are free from harsh chemicals, they often contain oils. I have reviewed a few oil-free baby shampoos below that are pretty safe to wash your lash extensions with. 

Chances are you might already have one of these!

Further down in this article, I have explained which baby shampoo is safe for your eyelash extensions and how you should use it.

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions With Baby Shampoo?

Baby shampoo is formulated to be gentle for delicate skin. That’s why it is usually free from aggressive chemicals.

However, almost every other baby shampoo contains mineral or coconut oil, making it not a good option for cleaning your lash extensions.

So, it is better not to use the one regularly with any oil in its formulation. Instead, opt for an oil-free baby shampoo for your volume lashes.

When you have no better option (Stacy Lash Shampoo is specifically formulated for volume lashes) than baby shampoo to wash your eyelash extensions, here is how to use it!

Put a few drops of baby shampoo on your palm, soak the lash brush with water and create the foam by gently stirring it on your palm.

When there is good foam, apply it to your lash extensions with the help of a spoolie. Wiggle the spoolie back and forth gently into your lashes for a minute. Wash them afterward with water.

Be careful not to scrub the baby shampoo into your eyelash extensions. Otherwise, you might loosen the lash glue!

Also, you should not use it more than once or twice a week, mainly if baby shampoo contains oil. You even can use Cetaphil cleanser on your volume lashes occasionally.

Is Baby Shampoo Safe For Lash Extensions?

There is always debate on online forums like Quora about whether baby shampoo is safe to clean your eyelash extensions with. 

People in favor of employing it are right that baby shampoo is gentle because it’s free from all those aggressive chemicals regular shampoos have.

But those who oppose using baby shampoo to clean lash extensions are also not wrong. Why?

  • Baby shampoos contain oil to have a moisturizing effect.
  • They are not formulated to be used on eyelash extensions regularly. 

So, you can be a judge to decide whether you should employ the baby shampoo or look for safer options.

According to my experience, oil-free baby shampoo is safe for volume lashes. But the problem is you won’t find any that doesn’t contain any oil.¬†

I have looked into almost all of the popular baby shampoos and found a few that claim to be oil-free. 

Oil-Free Baby Shampoo For Eyelash Extensions

As I have mentioned above, no baby shampoos are free from oil. However, some contain very light oil, like flower oil, that is safe for your eyelash extensions.

1. Cetaphil Tear Free Baby Shampoo

Cetaphil is a renowned brand that offers high-quality and environment-friendly cleansers. Their baby shampoo includes ingredients that are gentle on the skin and hair. 

Cetaphil baby shampoo contains flower oil which is safe for your eyelash extensions compared to other oils. 

What are the prominent features to look for in this shampoo?

  • It is mineral oil-free, making it comparatively safe for volume lashes. 
  • Paraben free
  • No color added
  • Tear Free
  • A refreshing scent of flower oil

Would I recommend it for cleansing eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can use Cetaphil baby shampoo to clean your lash extensions twice a week. But, if you are looking for a daily-use shampoo, opt for the one formulated to be entirely safe for your volume lashes.

2. CeraVe Baby Shampoo

CeraVe specializes in producing cleansers for sensitive skin, which means they are gentle and free from harsh chemicals. They include ceramides, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and some plant-based surfactants in baby shampoo.

Typically, all ingredients added to the CeraVe baby shampoo are safe for the glue, holding extensions on your lashes. But, one element, called cocoyl glutamate, derived from coconut oil, can negatively impact the retention of volume lashes.

Like other baby shampoos, this one is also not formulated for your lash extensions. Therefore, it has an ingredient that might not suit your volume lashes. But overall, this is a good product.

You can use CeraVe baby shampoo to clean your lash extensions if you have no other lash shampoo available.

Best Oil-Free Lash Extensions Shampoo

If you are reading this article, I will imagine you know how bad oily products can be for your eyelash extensions. They weaken the lash glue over time, making you visit the salon every other week for volume lash refills.

When you are searching if the baby shampoo or dove soap can be safe to use on lash extensions, why not buy something that is made to be safe at cleaning your lashes?

You can find lash washes and shampoos free from oil or chemicals that are not good for your eyelash extensions. 

I have used two of them, which always proved safe and excellent cleansers. 

Stacy Lash Shampoo. It is an oil-free formula and contains no harsh surfactants like sulfates. The brand specializes in producing various lash products.

They know which ingredient might not go well with glue. Therefore, Stacy’s lash shampoo doesn’t cause any fallout. Except for those volume lashes that fall naturally. 

Melao Lash shampoo is no different from the one mentioned above. It works the same as Stacy, making your eyelash extensions last 5-7 weeks. Therefore, you can opt for any of these two shampoos.

Wrapping Up

You can use oil-free baby shampoo to clean your eyelash extensions. You might even go with the one that contains oil occasionally. However, the first option is safer. But, you should not rely on them solely and buy specialized lash shampoo for regularly cleansing your volume lashes.