8 Reasons Why Are Your Eyelash Extensions Falling Out

eyelash extensions falling out

Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance the look of your eyes by turning your natural lashes full, bold, and voluminous. However, unlike fake lashes, they are not easy to apply and require a professional to do the job. Any mistake by you or your stylist and eyelash extensions start falling out.

While it is natural for eyelash extensions to fall out with time, any oversight, like applying them to baby lashes or those half the size of them, can speed up the falling off.

So, if your volume lashes are also falling out early than expected, we have got you covered why.

This article goes deep down to explain the most common factors that can cause your eyelash extensions to fall out. Keep on reading to find what contributed to your problem.

Why Your Eyelash Extension Are Falling Out?

Natural lashes shed and regrow with time. As lash extensions are attached to them individually, they also fall out. But this is not the only reason for the falling out eyelash extensions because a low-quality adhesive or poor application technique can also contribute to it.

We have explained all of the common reasons behind the shedding of your lash extensions too early.

1. Eyelash Extensions Applied To Baby Hair

Baby hair is thin and weak, which grows and falls fast compared to the rest of your hair. You can easily notice it around your hairline or among eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions applied to the baby lashes fall out within a few days. It is because baby hair sheds quickly, and the weight of extensions further accelerates this process.

It commonly happens when you have too many baby lashes compared to the number of your strong and fully grown eyelashes. And you tell your stylist to create a fuller look with extensions.

However, some of the eyelash technicians don’t even know if they have to apply the extensions to baby lashes or not. So, make sure to choose a good expert instead of saving a few bucks.

2. Natural Eyelashes Shedding

Every six to ten weeks, exactly like your scalp’s hair, your eyelashes grow, fall off, and are replaced. You can call it a lash shedding cycle. So, any lash extension attached to the falling natural eyelash will also fall out.

But using harsh beauty or face cleansing products can dry out the lashes and make them fall off. However, this case is less common than the one mentioned above.

So, if you notice three to five eyelashes extensions falling out every day, which also carry your natural lashes clung with them, it might be your lash shedding cycle.

3. Eyelash Extension Is Heavier Than Natural Lash

The eyelash extension that is heavier than the natural lash which is going to bear it may fall out quickly for two reasons. A constant strain from the weight of the extension can make the weak and thin lashes break or shed off.

Secondly, there will be insufficient room for the volume lashes to hold onto the natural eyelashes.

Therefore, stylists have to adjust their size to the natural lashes when putting on eyelash extensions. Thus, technicians use different size sets of volume lashes for a single case.

4. Over Trying To Curl Eyelash Extensions

While eyelash extensions come curled, people who have straight or pointing down lashes may need to curl them again. When the technician applied them, your natural lashes were a bit curled, but with time they went straight again. So, you may need to curl both extensions and lashes together.

If you go hard to curl the eyelash extensions, their bond with the natural lashes can weaken or break and cause them to fall out the same day or a day after.

Therefore, get a lash lift before trying the volume lashes so that you won’t have to curl them again.

5. Using Poor Quality Adhesive

Certain chemicals like formaldehyde or cyanoacrylate in lash glue can irritate the eyes. And can also cause the shedding of natural lashes. Further, the lash glue can be a weak adhesive and don’t hold the eyelash extension long.

In both cases, the poor quality of glue can contribute to the falling out of eyelash extensions.

If the lash technician doesn’t know how to dip volume lash correctly into the glue, things can go awry. Less adhesive can’t create a strong bond between the extension and eyelash, and too much makes lashes clump and fall out.

6. Using Oil Based Makeup Products

The first thing that your lash stylist will tell you to prevent eyelash extensions from falling out is not to use any oil-based makeup product. The oil loosens the glue by dissolving it, making the volume lashes fall off. Even your oily skin can make this happen.

Experts also suggest not using alcohol cleansers on your face or lashes because they dissolve the glue. Therefore, use a gentle cleanser and dry makeup to keep your eyelash extensions from falling out.

7. Sleeping With Your Face Into Pillow

Sleeping with your face in the pillow can bend and flatten your eyelash extensions. Moreover, pressing them against the pillow can weaken their bond with natural lashes. And you may see some of the lash extensions falling out.

Not necessarily, but you may need to employ a curling tool that can further worsen the situation.

8. Not Choosing A Good Lash Technician

Application of eyelash extensions is quite a strenuous procedure that requires almost two hours. Above all, the expertise it needs to attach a lash extension one by one to your lashes is unmatching.

Any mistake, like discussed above, can make your volume lashes fall off within two weeks. Therefore, choosing an experienced eyelash stylist is crucial to keep your eyelash extension from falling out.

Why 40% Of Eyelash Extensions Fall Out in Two Weaks?

Typically, 10 to 20 of your natural eyelashes fall out every week. Therefore, if they had extensions attached, they would also shed off. It is why almost 30 to 40% of the eyelash extensions fall out within the first two weeks.

However, if your volume lashes aren’t applied correctly, or you have done something that may weaken their bond with natural lashes, they can entirely fall away even before two weeks.

Is it Normal For Eyelash Extensions to Fall Out?

Yes, it is entirely normal for eyelash extensions to fall out with time. One to five of your natural lashes are shed naturally every day, which means the volume eyelashes on them also fall.

On average, you can experience 20 to 25 of your eyelash extensions falling out every week with your natural lashes or due to various other factors.

Bottom Line

Eyelash extensions are ideal for anyone who wants to get a fuller and more voluminous lash look. The whole process of applying volume lashes requires time and expertise. Therefore, any mishandling during the application process or later can make eyelash extensions fall out.

The most common reasons they fall off early are putting them on baby hair, natural lashes shedding, or using alcohol or oil-based products on your face.