Getting a Lash Lift On Short Lashes (That’s More Noticeable)

lash lift on short lashes

It might be a little challenging but getting a lash lift on short lashes changes the entire look of your eyes. If you are more of someone who doesn’t want a dramatic look with eyelash extensions, the lash lift is safer to make your short eyelashes stay curled and flared up for a long time.

Typically, people get uncertain about whether it is possible to get a lash lift on their short eyelashes. Or, if they get it done, will it be worth the money and time you spend.

You can get a lash lift on your short lashes if they are long enough to fit the size of the lash lift pad. These pads come in varying diameters as per the length of eyelashes. Stylists use a 7-8 mm lash lift pad for shorter lashes.

Further, the lash lift will look different for your eyelashes compared to someone with longer lashes. However, there are a few ways you can make the lash lift more noticeable for your short lashes.

Let’s take a dive into when you should consider getting a lash lift on your comparatively shorter eyelashes. And how can you make it look appear thick and long?

Can You Get a Lash Lift On Short Eyelashes?

Getting the lash lift on your short lashes is possible when your stylist employs the correct diameter pads to stick them up using the adhesive. However, they might not appear as curled as the longer eyelashes would have.

A lash lift is helpful when the short, straight, or stubborn eyelashes stop responding to the curler. Typically, it is the case with Asian people who have monolids or hooded eyes. However, some people can have short eyelashes naturally.

Compared to eyelash extensions, the lash lift can enhance the look of your natural lashes better without making them appear dramatic. Also, it lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

So, when planning to get your short lashes lifted with a perm, how would you know which diameter pad you should use?

First, if you really want to turn the appearance of your short eyelashes with the lash lift, you should consider getting it from a professional. They know which pad size would fit your short lashes and how to make them stick to the pad accurately.

But if you want to do it by yourself using a home lash kit or are curious to know more about the diameter of the lash lift pads, I have got you covered.

A lash lift kit usually comes with 5-6 sizes of lash lift pads. They have a diameter range between 7 mm and 15 mm. The smaller the diameter of the lash lift pad, the easier it will be for the lash stylist to stick your short eyelashes on it.

Also, you will get a more flared-up and curled lash lift from the pad with a diameter of 7 mm than with 8 or 9 mm. If you don’t employ the correct pad size, your lash lift won’t work.

How To Make Lash Lift on Short lashes Look More Noticeable?

So, once you decide to get a lash lift on your short lashes, whether from a professional or at home, you will need to choose one more thing. It will help make your lifted eyelashes appear thicker and longer.

You can opt for any of the following techniques to enhance the effect of your lash lift.

1. Get a Lash Tint

If you want to see a striking change in how your short lashes look after the lash lift, you should consider getting a lash tint. Think of it like dyeing your hair. However, the dye used in the lash tint is designed explicitly to be safe for your eyes and the area around them.

You can get a lash tint just after the lash lift. It will add only 15 minutes and 20 dollars extra to the cost. The stylist will employ the dark color dye to intensify your permed eyelashes’ tint.

The lash tinting saves you from coating your lashes daily with mascara. Moreover, it will make your short eyelashes look longer and thicker naturally.

2. Wear Mascara

I know that everyone doesn’t have lashes in good condition to withstand two chemical processing procedures at a time. So, if you think your short eyelashes may not sustain the lash lift and tint at once, you can use mascara instead.

Mascara isn’t the best option because it needs a lot of maintenance and involves a daily struggle in the morning. But it can enhance the results of your lash lift.

After getting a lash lift on your short lashes, you will not need to use too much mascara. Just a single coat will be enough to make a difference. In some cases, using too much mascara make your lash lift too curly.

3. Use Tightlining Technique

It is a technique of applying mascara in a way that it gets so close to your lash line, making it look darker and more noticeable. After you get the lash lift over your short lashes, employ the tightlining method to create a more visible and thicker eyelash look.

Watch this youtube video to learn the technique.

To tightline, fill in the space at the lashline between your eyelashes using a gel or liquid eyeliner. Further, you can use the primer to coat the base of your lashes. Subsequently, use small, upward strokes to apply the mascara from the bottom to the tips of your blonde eyelashes.

Wrapping Up

You can get a lash lift on short lashes unless they are so brief to stick to the lash lift pad properly. It will be best if you prefer getting the lash lift from a professional, especially when your eyelashes are not long enough. They know which diameter lash lift pad will match the length of your lashes. Moreover, if you want to enhance the look of your lifted eyelashes, you can get them tinted.