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Skinveteran is a team of two professionals, including a pharmacist and a biochemist, who have extensive expertise and knowledge in the field of beauty and Hair care.

Ifsha Akhlaq and Faisal Kareen work at The Best Laboratories and Derma Mark. These are two different manufacturing units within the same building.

Derma Mark is a registered Cosmetics and Skincare company. Ifsha has the role of Production Manager, while Faisal works as the Lab chemist there.

We planned to build an online platform to share our expertise in cosmetics, especially products and procedures dealing with hairstyling and care, with those who need it most. By keeping authentic and reputable sources in view, we strive to provide content that is genuinely helpful for the reader.

Ifsha Akhlaq

Ifsha Khan is a registered pharmacist and has good work experience. She enjoys writing about beauty and skincare products. Ifsha has a beautiful daughter, Zoya, and a Job as a Production Manager at The Best Laboratories, Pak.

Faisal Kareem

Faisal has an M.Phil. in Biochemistry. He works as a Lab chemist at Derma Mark company. On Skinveteran, Faisal mostly writes about the chemistry of products and procedures in Hair Care. He also provides research assistance and fact-checking the data.

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