How To Fix Dry Mascara With Castor Or Coconut Oil?

Can You Fix Dry Mascara With Coconut Oil

Look no further if you are wondering how to fix dry mascara with coconut or castor oil! I have got you covered.

Mascara is one of the primary elements of the makeup arsenal. Over time, it has evolved into various types, each having unique features. A few wiggles of mascara wand back and forth can make your lashes look darker and more prominent. 

While almost every manufacturer recommends replacing the mascara tube after three months, it is common for mascara to dry in these tubes a lot before this time. And in most cases, it is mishandling from your end, not the brand. 

Regardless of what caused your mascara to dry before the expiry date, you can fix it by mixing a few drops of coconut or castor oil. Further, you might need to warm up the mascara mixed with these oils by placing the mascara tube in hot water.

However, this is not all because there is more for you to know about which type of dried mascara you can fix by mixing it with castor or coconut oil. 

Also, I have put together a few other valuable ways you can employ to dissolve or liquefy the mascara that has been dried out in the tube. So, let’s get into it!

Why Does Mascara Get Dry in Tube?

If you allow the air to pass into the mascara tube by any means, it will dry the mascara over time. The air slowly oxidizes the contents of the mascara, leaving the mascara dry or clumpy in the tube.

So, what mistakes might you make that push air into the mascara tube?

The most common is pumping the mascara wand too much into the tube, thinking it will get more mascara onto the brush. When you overly pump the rod, it fills air into the mascara tube, which will likely dry the mascara out before its expiry date.

Secondly, leaving the mascara tube open for more than a few minutes will catch the air.

Sometimes, buying poor-quality mascara can also dry within a month before its expiry.

How To Fix Dry Mascara With Coconut Oil?

Fixing the dry mascara with coconut oil can be an ideal option. It dilutes the mascara and can lengthen your lashes by nourishing and moisturizing them.

To fix the dry mascara in the tube, add 2-4 drops of melted coconut oil and swirl the wand inside gently. Further, close the mascara tube tightly and place it in warm water for five minutes.

Placing the mascara container in heated water will help coconut oil dissolve the dry mascara. However, make sure that the water is gently warm but not boiling.

You can employ coconut oil to dilute only waterproof dry mascara. This article explains a few other ways down for the water-based mascara.

Moreover, coconut oil tends to solidify at room temperature. Therefore, you will need to swirl the wand inside the mascara tube for some time every time you are about to use it. Or, warm the container in the heated water as mentioned above.

Due to this reason, you might not want thin the dry mascara with coconut oil. So, I have put together a few other options that will surely help your cause.

How To Fix Dried Mascara With Castor Oil?

Castor oil always comes as the best choice if you have searched to grow your lashes longer and darker naturally. A few studies have examined the correlation between lash growth and castor oil. And the results were positive!

So, will it not be excellent if your mascara contains castor oil?

If your mascara has been dried in its container before its expiry time, you can use castor oil to liquefy it.  

To fix the dry mascara, add 2-3 drops of castor oil and swirl the mascara tube between your palms for two minutes. Or you can mix the oil by gently rolling the wand in the mascara container. 

You can add extra drops of castor oil if you think the amount of dry mascara in the tube is high. But don’t mix too much. Otherwise, the mascara will become too diluted that it won’t stick to your lashes.

The good thing about fixing dry mascara with castor oil instead of coconut oil is that it doesn’t solidify at room temperature. Therefore, you won’t have to put extra effort into melting it whenever you use mascara. 

How Long Can You Use Mascara After Diluting it With Oil?

The mascara is formulated with specific contents that free it from microbial contamination. Moreover, they don’t react and turn into something new with time.

So, there is a time limit to using the mascara you have mixed with any oil or other ingredient. Coconut or castor can have microbes that might grow in the mascara.

Additionally, the balance between fundamental elements of mascara is no more.

Therefore, using thinned mascara for more than ten days is not recommended. Otherwise, you might mess up the condition of your lashes.

How to Know If Your Mascara is Dried Out?

If your mascara appears clumpy instead of uniform consistency on the mascara wand, it has dried out, especially within the first few weeks of buying the product.

When the mascara is dry, it sometimes doesn’t get on the brush properly and can’t hold onto your lashes properly.

Other Useful Ways To Fix Dried Mascara

In addition to employing coconut or castor oil, there are other ways to fix the dry mascara, especially the water-based one.

1. Eye Contact Solution

Mixing eye contact solution into your dry mascara can be a quick fix that may allow you to use your mascara for a few days more. However, this trick might not work well for waterproof mascara as it won’t perfectly dissolve into the saline solution.

But you can give it a try, especially when you don’t want to mix olive or castor oil into your dry water-resistant mascara.

Nevertheless, saline contact solution will revive your water-based dried mascara. To do that, put 2-3 drops of it into the mascara and swirl the tube to ensure the mixing of both elements.

If the mascara is still dry to some extent, tightly close its container and put it into a hot cup of water. Let it sit for 4-5 minutes. The raised temperature will make the contact solution and mascara blend well.

2. Try the Hot Water Bath Trick

Often, dry mascara doesn’t need castor oil or contact solution but only a slight warmth to return to its useable consistency.

Therefore, heat some water, pour it into a cup and place your mascara tube. After five minutes, swirl the wand inside the mascara container and check the results.

Wrapping Up!

You can fix dry mascara with coconut or castor oil by adding a few drops of any of them into the mascara tube and swirling it between your palms. However, castor oil is better because it doesn’t solidify at room temperature.

When fixing water-based dry mascara, it is more suitable to mix it with contact saline solution instead of any oil.

You shouldn’t use this revived mascara for more than a few days and get a fresh one.