Can You Get Eyelash Extensions On Thin Lashes?

eyelash extensions on thin lashes

Do you want to get a fuller lash look by wearing extensions on those baby or thin eyelashes alongside the thicker ones? Mostly, people go with this option when they have thin and straight natural lashes.

Eyelashes lose their oomph due to various reasons of which getting old is the most important. They turn thin and weak as you age. So, what can you do to make your eyes look more awake and beautiful when you have thin lashes? Eyelash extensions can be a good option.

But can you wear eyelash extensions on thin lashes? Will your natural eyelashes be able to hold extensions twice their size?

You can wear eyelash extensions on thin lashes while considering a few points. First, you should go with classic eyelashes instead of volume lashes. Second, choose a good lash technician to get the extensions on your thin eyelashes.

This article will help you determine which type of eyelash extensions are ideal for wearing on your thin and straight lashes. So, let’s get into it!

Eyelash Extensions For Thin Lashes

You need to be mindful about opting for the right eyelash extensions type for your thin eyelashes. According to lash experts, classic lashes are not too heavy for thin natural eyelashes. Therefore, they stay longer than the usual volume lashes and don’t make weak hair fall.

A lash technician can also suggest you hybrid eyelash extensions for your thin lashes after looking at the condition of your natural eyelashes. If you don’t know what these different types of eyelash extensions are, we made it easy for you in the following.

1. Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lashes are the most natural-looking extensions out there. They are not too heavy or thick for your natural lashes because they are applied in a 1:1 ratio. The lash technician picks an individual extension and applies it to your eyelash.

Why are classic eyelash extensions best for wearing on thin eyelashes?

They are almost equal in size and thickness to your natural lashes. So, they don’t strain your delicate lashes. Also, classic lashes are easy to apply on thin eyelashes because they get enough surface area to stick.

While classic lash extensions don’t create a fuller or volume look, they will add length to your natural eyelashes. You will get softer and natural-looking lashes with an even lash line.

2. Hybrid Eyelash Extensions For Thin Lashes

If you want to add some volume to your thin lashes with the help of eyelash extensions, hybrid lashes can serve your purpose. In the hybrid eyelash extensions, technicians apply 70% classic and 30% volume lashes to natural eyelashes.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are best for anyone who wants to add some volume and length to their thin or straight eyelashes. They are relatively less thick and can be applied to delicate and fragile lashes. Hybrid lash extensions last a bit longer on your thin lashes than usual volume lashes.

3. Volume Lashes

Volume eyelash extensions are where multiple (two or more) lashes are joined together and applied to your eyelash. As the name denotes, they are intended to create volume. 

Why may you not want to get volume lash extensions on your thin eyelashes? 

  • Volume lashes feel too heavy on weak eyelashes.
  • Your thin lashes don’t have enough space to hold volume eyelashes.
  • Thin eyelashes may fall out due to the strain of thick lash extension
  • Volume eyelash extensions last only a few days on thin lashes. 

Getting volume lash extensions on your thin eyelashes can make them fall away. So, you will not lose extensions only but natural lashes as well.  

Alternatives To Eyelash Extensions For Thin Eyelashes

While it wouldn’t be wrong to say that eyelash extensions look more natural on your eyes, they also require more maintenance and time. Further, if your eyelashes are thin and short, getting lash extensions over them becomes pretty challenging.

Fortunately, a few good alternatives are available for the volume lashes that can be your best ticket to turning up your look some notches.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic lashes are modern technology falsies that have been featured a lot on Instagram posts for the last three years. Ladies love them because these lashes deliver drama, minus the mess.

Whether you want to look more put together within minutes after waking up or love the whole volume flutters, you need to get acquainted with magnetic eyelashes.

Why can magnetic lashes be a good option for people with thin eyelashes?

They safely add volume to your lashes without employing glue and spending more money and time. Further, they feel light on your eye, unlike the conventional falsies. As magnetic lashes don’t need glue, your thin lashes will not be susceptible to ripping off with fake eyelashes while removing them.

Glamnetic and Moxielash are two top brands that offer premium quality magnetic lashes in more than 50 shapes and sizes. And you can wear their one pair of falsies more than 30 times.

Putting on and removing magnetic lashes is effortless. You would apply a magnetic liner to your lash line and then put on the falsies within a minute. Subsequently, you can remove them with your fingers within seconds while not tearing off your natural eyelashes.

Wrapping Up

We suggest you go with classic lashes to make eyelash extensions stay longer on your thin lashes. While they don’t add much volume, classic lash extensions add length to your natural lashes. However, if you want a relatively fuller look, the hybrid eyelash extensions will do you.