3 Easy Ways To Fix Too Thick Eyelash Extensions

too thick lash extensions

We will most likely make mistakes the first few times we get eyelash extensions. It is because many of us, as beginners, don’t know what shape and volume will best suit our eyes. That’s why you might feel your lash extensions are too thick or dramatic after putting them on.

So, what options are you left with once you end up getting volume lashes that are overly thick and dense?

Looking for options to fix these thick volume lashes will prevent annoyance and save you money. Also, wearing too long or thick lash extensions makes you look unreal and can hurt your eyelids.

You can’t just pick a lash scissor and thin down your eyelash extensions that are too thick unless you want to ruin their symmetrical look. Instead, you may employ the feathering technique or wait for a few days and let the volume lashes thin naturally.

Below, I will walk you through a few options you can employ to fix your too thick eyelash extensions. So, let’s dive further into this article.

When Are Eyelash Extensions Too Thick For You?

The lash extensions that are too thick feel heavy on your eyelids, and you may feel strain and pain in them. When looking in the mirror, you will automatically know that something is not right with your eyes.

When you’re putting on volume lashes, you want to look attractive and feel confident wearing them out in public. Therefore, they shouldn’t be too long or heavy to hurt your eyelids or give you an entirely unrealistic look. Otherwise, eyelash extensions become crooked.

Everyone doesn’t have the same eye size. Therefore, just because a lash extension looks great on someone else doesn’t guarantee it will look fabulous on you as well.

So, let your eyelash technician guess what will suit your eyes rather than just telling her to create an ultimate fuller look with the extensions.

Are Your Eyelash Extensions Individually Thick In Diameter?

Eyelash extensions are created with varying diameters to match the thickness of natural lashes. An eyelash technician can better decide how thick your volume lashes should be in diameter.

If your natural eyelashes are relatively finer than the extensions, you might feel strain in your eyelids. Further, lash extensions that are too thick in diameter are likely to fall early.

my eyelash extensions are too thick

In case your volume lashes are overly thick compared to your natural eyelashes, there is no way you can fix them except by replacing them with new ones. Or wait at least a week and let a few of them fall away.

However, suppose your entire lash look appears too thick and dramatic because the stylist attached 2-3 individual extensions to your single natural lash. In that case, you can benefit from the following ways to better it.

How To Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Thick?

Trimming eyelash extensions that are too thick is not an option, especially when you do it at home. We suggest you consider visiting an eyelash technician to fix the volume lashes with a proper technique.

Or, you can take a little bit of risk and feather them. We explained how in the following.

1. Feather Too Thick Eyelash Extensions To Fix Them

You can fix too thick eyelash extensions at home with a feather cut. It is a specialized cutting technique to reduce the volume of thick lashes. Feathering the volume lashes is a terrific way to thin them while preserving their original 3D structure and natural look.

Therefore, don’t try the usual trimming technique on the eyelash extension because it only helps shorten them; use feathering instead. Employing a general trimming method for thinning lash extensions may ruin their look.

You can watch the videos on youtube to learn how to use feathering specifically to reduce the volume of too thick lash extensions and make them look more natural. While the following video is feathering the fake lashes, you can also use it to thin down your eyelash extensions.

2. Visiting Your Eyelash Stylist

You probably went to an eyelash stylist to get eyelash extensions on your natural lashes. The stylist would have charged you $100 or more for the volume lashes that now appear too thick.

So, even if it was not the stylist who mistakenly put on too many eyelash extensions to your natural lashes, you can still ask her to fix it for you.

With all her expertise, the stylist will be able to trim or feather your overly done eyelash extensions. It is also possible that the stylist removes some of the extensions individually with the help of oil or alcohol.

The stylist may ask you for a few bucks to fix your thick volume lashes, which is still better than your previously spent money to go in vain.

3. Wait A Week Or Two To Let Them Fall

Eyelash extensions are not permanent, and they fall with time. As your natural lashes fall and replace, the volume lashes attached to them also fall away.

Usually, you lose between 15 to 21 lashes every week. So, in other words, you lose the same number or more of eyelash extensions if you were wearing them.

So, if you have eyelash extensions that are too thick, waiting for 10 to 15 days will thin them down naturally. Typically, you lose about 30% of your volume lashes within the first two weeks.

FAQs About Too Thick Eyelash Extension

1. How to thin out eyelash extensions?

There is a distinction between thinning out and cutting eyelash extensions short. Therefore, both of them are performed by separate approaches. You can use the feathering to thin out lash extensions. But to cut them short, general trimming works perfectly.

2. What to do when eyelash extensions are clumped together?

What happens to your hair when you don’t shampoo or wash it for a few days? It clumps or sticks out! The same is the case with eyelashes or extensions. Volume lashes need proper cleaning because they tend to clump together or turn frizzy when they come in contact with old mascara or dry make.

You can use alcohol and oil-free cleanser on a small foam brush and gently rub it on eyelash extensions to clean them out. If they still stick together, you may need to change them.

If your lash extensions feel heavy when you wear them, they can hurt your eyelids. Also, the glue on the lash extension strap may stick with your eyelids and can hurt when you blink.

What Have We Learned?

Getting too thick or long eyelash extensions is common, especially when asking your stylist for a dense and fuller look. There is nothing to worry about if you got them wrong or look weird.

You visit your eyelash technician to get it fixed. If you can’t, you can correct too thick eyelash extensions at home by feathering. Doing it right works perfectly to thin out volume lashes and conserve their original shape.