8 Reasons Why Your Lash Lift Didn’t Work: Complete Guide

why my lash lift did not work

A few days back, I went to get my eyelashes lifted, but my lash lift didn’t work. So, I wanted to find out why!

Would it not be fantastic if you didn’t have to wear eyelash extensions or put on mascara regularly to make your lashes look darker and thicker? Lash lift is a great deal that saves your time and makes you wake up every morning with your eyelashes looking to their ultimate. But less than often, it becomes frustrating when your lash lift doesn’t work.

Typically, using too much adhesive to adhere lashes on the silicon pads shield them against the relaxing lotion. Moreover, if you have shorter eyelashes, they are less likely to get lifted using the lash lift kit. Or there can be a few other factors why your lash lift didn’t work.

The list of the reasons doesn’t stop here as there is more you might want to know why didn’t your lash lift work. Also, what can you do in this regard? So, let’s dive into a bit more detail about the matter!

Here Is Why Your Lash Lift Didn’t Work

There can be different factors behind why your lash lift didn’t work. It can be a problem with your lash adhesive that didn’t keep the lashes from coming off the silicon pads, or you have used too much relaxer lotion.

I have explained eight different reasons in the following why your lash lift didn’t lift or is overprocessed.

1. You Have Short Eyelashes

Dealing with short eyelashes is a bit hard when trying to curl or raise them using a lash lift or curler. The lash length is crucial for lifting eyelashes through the perm lotion. It is because you first have to adhere your lashes to a silicon pad with the help of an adhesive.

Typically, lash lifts don’t work for people with short lashes for two reasons. First, they won’t be able to grip the eyelashes upward on the silicon pad unless they have a customized one. Second, when applying the lift lotion, they won’t be able to keep it confined to the middle of the lashes.

You may know that you have to apply the perm lotion in the middle of the length of your eyelashes to lift them. You may get an overprocessed lash lift if it gets to tips or roots.

2. Lash Adhesive Is Expired

The lash adhesive allows you to stick the eyelashes to the silicon pad for the lift. The glue expires within a month or two after you open it because of the oxidation.

Typically, the eyelash adhesive doesn’t last until the date claimed by the brand for various reasons, like how you store it or how long you keep it open.

So, if your lash lift didn’t work to your expectations, it might be because your lash glue was expired, and your eyelashes kept coming off instead of sticking to the pads.

Next time, check the strength of the adhesive beforehand by doing a patch test with your normal hair.

3. Putting Too Much Lift Lotion

You have to measure the quantity of the lotion according to the standard mentioned on the lash lift kit. When you use too much of the perm lotion over your eyelashes, it doesn’t remain confined and may spread to the tips and lashline.

Why can lotion getting to the ends or roots of your lashes ruin the lash lift? The tips of the eyelashes are fragile and become crooked or too curly from the lift chemical solution. On the other hand, if the lotion touches the roots of the lashes, your overall lash lift will look over lifted and uncanny.

4. Using Wrong Size Silicon Pads

The correct size of silicon shields is crucial for determining how flawlessly lifted your lash lift will be. If you choose the smaller pads, they won’t be able to give enough curl or raise to your long eyelashes.

The rule of thumb for selecting the silicon pads for lifting is that the shield is too short if your lashes go above the flat surface. On the other hand, when you cannot stick your eyelashes to the flat surface of the pad, it means you should opt for another size.

So, if the lash technician or you have adhered the eyelashes to the wrong size silicon shields, your lash lift may not work.

5. You May Have Used Exessive Adhesive

It is critical for the lift solution to work within the given time frame. In some cases, when the lash technician applies too much adhesive to stick your eyelashes on the silicon pads, the perm lotion can’t do its job correctly.

Overusing the lash glue shields your eyelashes against the perm lotion, which means you would need to allow the cream to sit for a longer time. But when you don’t know if you overused the adhesive and removed the lotion early, your lash lift is less likely to be lifted ideally.

Therefore, we suggest you visit the lash stylist after a week or two to get the lift again. If you are trying to do it at home, use the correct amount of lash glue.

6. The Processing Time was Set Wrong

The processing time for a lash lift varies according to each step and the type of eyelashes. Typically, you have to allow the relaxer lotion to sit for five mins if you have fine and thin lashes.

But in the case of entirely healthy and robust lashes, the time can extend up to 10 minutes. The neutralizing solution also has specific time limits.

Generally, if the lotion is left for too long, you might get too curly eyelashes that will less likely look lifted. However, if you become over cautious of the damage from the lift solution to your lashes and leave it for a short time, you will not get the desired results.

7. Lashes Not Separated During The Lash Lift

According to the lash stylists, separating eyelashes after sticking them to silicon pads is one of the crucial steps of lash lifting. The way you are going to adhere them to the silicon shield will be the final shape of your lashes from the lift.

Therefore, if you don’t pay attention to separating your eyelashes, the results will not look good. Using the separator or Y tool, you would need to make sure the lashes are not crisscrossed.

Also, use a mirror to ensure that your eyelashes are isolated on the silicon pad before proceeding with relaxing lotion.

8. Washing Eyelashes after Lash Lift

While it is an aftercare step, keeping your lashes away from water for the first two days after getting a lash lift is crucial. The eyelashes need time to set after their bonds have been reconfigured with the perm lotion.

If your lash lift didn’t work for more than a few weeks, you might have gone swimming or washed your lashes within the first two or three days of getting them lifted.

However, you don’t need to keep your eyelashes dry after this time, or you might face conditions where they start growing in weird directions. The best way to make your lash lift last longer is to wear goggles while swimming.

A Few Extra Tips To Make Lash Lift Work

Over the years, I have learned a few things that need extra care to pull off the ideal lash lift, especially if you are doing it by yourself. So, in addition to the factors mentioned above, I wanted to share with you some tips that will help you go down this route.

1. Clean your eyelashes before lash lift

Cleaning your eyelashes before going for the lash lift is crucial because any mascara or makeup residues on your lashes can prevent the relaxing lotion from working correctly.

You first use the makeup remover and then wash your eyelashes with a good lash shampoo to rinse out the oil and buildup.

2. Make sure lashes are dry when adhering them to the silicon pad

Eyelashes need to be dry before you try to put them on the silicon pads. Otherwise, they may not stick to the shield well and come off when you apply the lift lotion.

To dry your lashes, you can employ a simple dryer or sit in front of the pedestal fan for a few minutes.

3. Take care of room temperature and humidity

The room where you are getting the lash lift should not be too hot or humid. Otherwise, the lash adhesive might not firmly adhere your eyelashes to the pads.

Monitor the humidity using a hygrometer and keep it under 50 with the help of a dehumidifier. Taking these steps will make sure that your lash lift work.

Wrapping Up

A lash lift is a great way to make your eyelashes look fuller and darker. However, due to specific reasons, it doesn’t work as intended. One of the prevalent causes, why lash lifts don’t work is using too much lash glue that protects the lashes against relaxing lotion. Also, it is challenging for people with short eyelashes to get their eyelashes lifted.