Moxielash vs Glamnetic: A Comparison [ Tested & Explained]

Moxielash vs Glamnetic review

My lashes are my obsession, and I want them to look elegant every time I leave the house. So, over time, I have tried various techniques to achieve thin, subtle, and classy lashes. Like, I have employed lash lifts, mascara, extensions, and tints.

But for the last year, I have seen people going crazy about magnetic lashes all over social media. My Instagram feed crowded with many women using Moxielash and Glamnetic. A new thing for me! So, being a lash girl, how can I not?

After purchasing magnetic lashes from both brands, I compared Glamnetic and Moxielash and answered some commonly asked questions about them in this blog post.

The comparison includes the number of times you can wear these magnetic lashes, their shapes, comfort, and the final look they pull off.

What Is Glamnetic? (Lashes)

The Glamnetic brand, which produces high-quality magnetic lashes and nail extensions, is led by Ann McFerran. Their products, particularly their lashes, got a lot of buzz on Instagram, so I decided to look into them.

I like a few things about Glamnetic compared to conventional techniques of modifying eyelashes. Ann McFerran and her team came with the best idea for someone like me who has weak or short lashes.

They were aware of the issues we face with mascara, lash lifts, tints, and extensions. So, Glamnetic designed these magnetic lashes that hold on to your eyes all day long. Yes! They don’t fall off as glue-based extensions do.

Moreover, they are effortless to put on. You only have to apply the magnetic liner on your lashes and let them dry partially. Then you will easily attach magnetic lashes to it, and believe me, they look great.

You may become confused while wearing them on your eyes because they are so comfortable that you may forget whether or not you are wearing them.

When I used to put on eyelash extensions with glue, there was always one thing I feared – while removing, it may rip off my natural lashes. But, this is not the case with magnetic lashes because they are easy to remove. A gentle tug will be enough to remove Glamnetic eyelash extensions.

What Is Moxielash Lash Kit?

For the past few years, I’ve been aware of the concept of magnetic lashes, but brands have failed to execute it properly. There were no outstanding items.

However, since companies such as Moxielash and Glamnetic developed magnetic lashes that work exceptionally well, new companies with better products appear on the market every year.

According to my personal experience with Moxilash magnetic eyelashes and reviews, you can wear a single pair almost 35 times. Is not it great?

Like the Glamnetic lashes, the Moxielash kit comes with one liquid magnetic eyeliner and a pair of eyelashes, which cost you $75. However, you can also buy the liner for $45 or a lash extension pair for $30 separately.

The magnets hold onto each other well. So, you can wear the lashes all day long. They are light and super comfortable. Further, they are waterproof, so you don’t have to fear every time you contact water.

These magnetic eyelashes save you a lot of time because, within one minute, you can finish off wearing them on your natural lashes.

Also, Moxielash offers different shapes and sizes like Flashy Lash, Classy Lash, and Sassy Lash. Everyone has a different eye size and face cut. Therefore, all types of lashes will not suit you. So, it will help if you read Moxielash Lash types reviews to get a better idea about which of them you should buy.

MoxieLash Vs Glamnetic: Which One Is Better?

People with slightly smaller eyes prefer Moxielash lashes over Glamnetic lashes because Moxielash has a thinner band and smaller magnets. Glamnetic lashes, on the other hand, have a little wider and longer band that suits those with wide eyes.

However, there is more to both of these brands that make it difficult to choose between two, but I selected one.

Moxielash started manufacturing magnetic eyelash kits back in 2017 and is now offering 40 different types of lashes. As mentioned above, other brands had been striving to produce high-quality magnetic lashes for years, but it was Moxielash that came up with the best technology.

These lashes cost more than any other brand, but honestly, this price is worth the product you get. Unless you want a different size or shape, you don’t have to buy them over and over again. They are a great alternate option if your natural lashes are straight and don’t curl.

Glamnetic launched their magnetic lash campaign two years after Moxielash, but their products are on par with Moxielash’s in terms of quality. They now offer a stream of 50 different types of magnetic lashes. Insane!

There is only a $5 price difference between lashes of both these brands, but you can wear a Glamnetic lash 40 times compared to 60 times of Moxielash.

Honestly, It was a battle for me to choose between Moxielash and Glamnetic lashes. And at last, I went with Moxielash because they started the original technology. Although the magnetic lashes from both brands don’t look too dramatic, I put Moxielash above Glamnetic in this sense. They seem more natural to me than any other product.

Why You Should Wear Magnetic Lashes?

Traditional ways of achieving various eyelash styles put your eyes and natural lashes under a lot of stress. Because of their added weight, eyelash extensions, for example, can irritate your eyes. They can also rip off your natural lashes and can make them brittle.

The semi-permanent curling of lashes with perming kits isn’t always successful. You could end up with an overprocessed or curly lash lift. So, why use these methods when you can use sophisticated technology magnetic lashes?

Both Moxielash and Glamnetic provide high-quality magnetic lash extensions that are comfortable to wear and appear natural. They’re fluffy and sit wonderfully on your natural lashes. More importantly, they do not hurt your lashes or eyelids if put on appropriately.

FAQs About Moxielash and Glamnetic

In the following, I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Moxielash and Glamnetic Lash, which may help you decide whether or not to invest in them.

1. How Long Does Moxie Lash Last?

Moxielash lash can last anywhere between 30 to 60 times. It all depends on how often and how long a day you wear them. Generally, Moxielash magnetic lashes will last over a month if you care and clean them properly.

The same is the case with Glamnetic lashes. You can use them 30 to 40 times. However, the magnetic eyeliner may last longer unless you overuse it.

The eyeliners from these brands are considered completely safe, but if you overuse them, they may tear your natural eyelashes.

2. How to Remove Glamnetic or Moxielash Eyeliner?

You can easily remove the magnetic eyeliner using your daily base makeup remover. Also, another valuable and safe product called Physician Formula The Perfect Match is a cleansing balm. It efficiently cleanses your lashes of magnetic eyeliner.

You can also buy olive oil-infused Q-tips from Moxielash that are solely designed to remove your magnetic eyeliner. You will gently move one Q-tip per eye, and it will rinse all of the eyeliner. You will need no, ripping, scrubbing, or tugging.

3. How to Clean Moxielash?

You can clean Moxielash and Glamnetic lashes using an oil-free makeup remover. Make sure you don’t use any oil product for cleaning magnetic lashes because it can make them fall apart by breaking their bonds.

When you take off magnetic lashes from your eyes, take a Q-tip and dip it in an oil-free makeup remover. Gently rub it on Moxielash to remove any excess makeup on it.

4. Is Glamnetic Safe?

According to experts beautician and my personal experience with Glamnetic or Moxielash magnetic lashes, they are safe and don’t imply any risk. They may sometimes irritate or damage your natural lashes if you misapply them. So, make sure you watch videos of applying these lashes correctly.

Bottom Line

The magnetic lashes from both Glamnetic and Moxielash are lovely. You feel comfortable wearing them all day, and they last longer than any other product. Being a lash girl, I love these and will undoubtedly buy a few more pairs of different shapes and sizes.

Both brands give a tight fight to each other, and it all depends on your preferences which one to buy. I loved Moxielash more than Glamnetic because it suited my eyes. However, I will get a few more sizes from Glamnetic to see how they look onto my eyes.