How To Fix Over Curled Lash Lift At Home? (2 Easy Fixes)

too curly lash lift

Lash lifts are fantastic at making you look like a true Bambi, but do they always work? Not at all. They usually look good after a perm, but they can also turn over curled. Lash lifts, especially those performed at home, can go wrong when you end up with a lash lift that is too curly or over-processed.

Choosing the wrong diameter pads, not adhering lashes correctly to pads, or leaving perm solution for too long on your eyelashes can make your lash lift over curled.

So, what can you do to fix your over-curled lash lift if you have run into this unfortunate situation?

Will coconut or olive oil be able to relax your too curly lash lift? Or is it something like a perm solution you may need to employ?

Below, I have put together a few ways to help you fix your over-curled lash lift at home. Of all these ways, one works as a quick fix but may weaken your lashes.

Why Do Lash Lifts Get Over Curled? (Too Curly)

It is important to understand why your lash lift has gone wrong because it will help you avoid the mistakes you or your beautician have made this time.

There are different ways for your lash lifts to go bad. They can result in too curly eyelashes or one lash lifted, and the other barely curled. According to experts, the following factors can contribute to bad lash lifts. 

  • The poorly formulated perming solution
  • Using a low-quality lash perm kit
  • Overprocessing by leaving the solution in lashes for too long
  • Silicon rod size (smaller rods can over curl the lashes)
  • Mishandling of the procedure (improper curling)
  • Faulty styling technique by beautician

Any of the factors mentioned above can cause double looping or over-curling of your eyelashes. It is always best to get your lash perm done by experts. They know how to manage the perming process properly.

How to Fix Over Curled Lash Lift?

There is no absolute solution to reverse a lash lift other than employing a perming solution. Besides this, other ways can only soften the curly and frizzy lashes for a limited time.

Considering no one wants to be stuck with this terrible-looking lash lift for a month, you have to wait for at least a week before you can perm your eyelashes again. Why?

The perm solution weakens your lashes a bit because it breaks the strongest bonds that hold amino acids of keratin protein together. While these bonds are formed again by removing the perming solution and applying a neutralizing serum, your lashes remain weak.

So, linger for seven to ten days until your eyelashes grow stronger, and then try the perming for fixing the over-processed lash lift.

The following post about fixing a bad lash lift from Julia costs you 90 bucks. But, you can save this money by buying an at-home perm kit and executing it by yourself.

Use a Perm Kit To Fix Lash Lift That’s Over Curled

The perm kit is an absolute way to reverse your bad lash lift. However, it accompanies a few downsides as well. It can cause damage to your lashes. Therefore, we will suggest you analyze the strength and density of your eyelashes before employing the perm kit.

Also, it will be best for you to apply the perming solution only to the too curled ends of your lashes instead of roots. This way, you will minimize the damage to the maximum extent.

We will suggest you ask your friend or hubby for a favor. When you close your eyes before a perm, it becomes difficult for you to manage the whole procedure by yourself. So, a friend can do the perfect job for you.

You can follow these steps to use a perm kit over your too curly lash lift.

Step 1: Apply perm solution with spoolie

Dip the spoolie into perming solution, and then apply it to the ends of the lashes. Move the spoolie into your eyelashes while applying the solution with it.

Keep moving it for two to three minutes, and you will see the over-processed lashes setting. It will help if you do it gently while ensuring you don’t apply the solution to the roots of too curly lashes.

Step 2: Remove perm solution with a cotton swab

Do not let the perming solution sit for more than three minutes while reversing or fixing the too curly lash lift. Remove it gently with cotton while ensuring you don’t pull the lashes. Pressing the cotton pad against your eyelashes will help clear the solution.

Step3: Apply setting or neutralizing solution

A setting solution neutralizes the pH change caused by perming solution and helps bond reformation. It adjusts your lashes the way you want them.

So, apply it gently with the help of a spoolie for thirty seconds to one and a half minutes.
Make sure you cover all those parts of too lifted lashes on which you have applied perming solution in the first step.

Step 4: Remove setting solution

Clear the setting solution with a cotton pad within one minute of its application. Leaving it too long on your already bad lash lift can ruin it further.

Make sure that you don’t pull your lashes with the cotton. After removing the setting solution, your too curly lash lift will appear settled and relaxed.

Step 5: One Last time brushing the lashes

When you clear the setting solution completely, it is time to brush your previously overprocessed lashes for the one last time with spoolie. The final brushing allows you to give your lashes perfect curls.

Perming your too curly or frizzy lash lift may accompany a bit of damage. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate your eyelashes’ strength and density first.

We suggest you wait at least ten days after your first lash lift and then try a perm kit to fix your bad lash lift.

Does Coconut Oil Help Relax Too Curly Lash Lift?

Using coconut oil to fix the too curly lash lift can only relax the curls for a day or two. Conditioning lashes with oil does not change the bonding that has caused extra curls and frizz in your eyelashes. So, it is not an absolute way to reverse or relax your over-lifted lashes.

However, slightly warm coconut oil will do the job only if you want to relax your overprocessed lashes for a day. Moreover, you can not reverse the lash perm with these oils. For that, you can employ the method we have detailed above.

If your lashes are frizzy and a bit over curly, you can fix them to some extent with coconut and castor oil, but you have to apply the oil for five to seven consecutive days.

Commonly Asked Questions About Bad Lash Lift

We have tried to answer the related and frequently asked questions about the lash lifts that went wrong due to any mistake.

1. How To Get Rid Of Lash Lift?

It will be best not to get rid of a bad lash lift the day after you get it. Why? Because it can ruin your eyelashes and may cause them to fall away. Wait for at least two weeks, let your lashes grow stronger, and then employ a perm kit to fix the over-lifted lashes.

While you’re waiting for your lashes to grow stronger, acquire a pair of magnetic lashes to hide your failed lash lift. They look beautiful and natural.

2. When Should You Perm Your Lashes Again?

Experts do not suggest semi-permanently lifting your lash with a perming kit more than once in six to eight weeks. However, if you have thick and stronger lashes, you may be able to perm them again after ten days only when unavoidable.

3. Can You Reverse a Lash Lift?

Yes, you can reverse a lash lift with a perm kit. But, it is best to wait for two weeks before trying to reverse the bad lash lift. Otherwise, the perming solution can damage your lashes and make them fall away.

The Bottom Line

Lash lifts do not go perfectly every time, and any mistake by you or your beautician can cause you too curly, sticky, or overly lifted lashes. When a lash lift goes wrong, it becomes difficult for us to stick with it for two months when our normal lashes grow out again. So, how do you then fix a bad lash lift?

The ultimate way is to wait for ten days after your lash lift procedure and then use a perm kit to repair it. It may accompany a bit of damage to your lashes. So, if you want to avoid damage, you can employ coconut oil instead of a perm kit. It does not completely fix the curls but can help soften and settle them for a short time.