How To Fix Bent Eyelashes & Extensions From Sleeping?

how to fix bent eyelashes

Whether you are blessed with longer and thicker eyelashes or have got extensions over your comparatively short or thin lashes, in both cases, it is quite a challenge to avoid them getting bent or crooked from sleeping. Eyelashes get twisted when you sleep on your side or with your face against the pillow.

When trying to fix your bent lashes or the extensions, you will need to employ different techniques for each of them. It is because using heated tools like curlers over eyelash extensions might break down the lash glue.

It is easier to fix bent or deformed eyelashes than the extensions. You can use a conventional or heated lash curler to return your twisted lashes to their normal shape. However, you would need to learn about how you can employ the curler for it.

On the other hand, you can’t use curlers, especially heated ones, to give shape to your bent eyelash extensions. Instead, the Q-tip or tweezer method will be best to use in this regard.

Below, I have discussed the three ways you can employ to fix your crooked eyelash extensions or natural lashes. So, let’s get started.

Why Do Eyelash Extensions Get Bent?

The most common cause of bent or crooked eyelash extension is sleeping on your stomach or the side.

The constant strain from pressing volume lashes against the pillow weakens their bond with natural lashes and makes them bend in weird directions.

So, what’s the best sleeping position to avoid bent eyelashes?

Experts suggest sleeping on your back, especially for the first few nights after getting the eyelash extensions done. 

Further in this article, I have explained distinct ways to correct your bent eyelashes or extensions.

How To Fix Natural Eyelashes Bent From Sleeping?

It is common for eyelashes to bend in weird directions from sleeping, especially when they are long and thick. And if you are not wearing volume lashes on them, fixing bent lashes is easy. You can use a curler alone to put them in the right shape.

Moreover, there are heated curlers on the market, which are more sophisticated and helpful. Along with fixing your bent eyelashes from sleeping, you can employ a heated curler device to curl and lift your lashes.

Fix Bent Eyelashes With a Heated Curler

Just in case you aren’t familiar, heated curlers are digital devices that gently curl or shape your eyelashes without pulling or pressing them. They are a modern technology tool that helps curl lashes in a better shape. 

According to L’Oreal Paris, heated curlers are safer than conventional curling tools and are even helpful in lifting eyelashes that are straight or stubborn. Therefore, it is a tool everyone would love to have to save time and effort and curl lashes ideally. 

If you are considering buying one, we suggest Ayasal Heated Eyelash Curler. It is what we use and has the most positive reviews on Amazon. 

Here is how to use a heated lash curler to fix your bent eyelashes from sleeping.

  • Clean and comb your lashes, so they are not stuck together.
  • Now turn on the heated curler, and let it get warm enough.
  • Twist or lift your bent volume lashes to the shape you want.
  • Ensure not to use a heated curler where lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes.

How To Fix Your Crooked Eyelash Extensions?

Fixing bent eyelash extensions is not easy. Any oversight and the extensions fall out. So, don’t go hard to put them in the right place.

You can use the following techniques instead to fix your crooked lash extension without risking them breaking off from your eyes.

1. Using An Eyelash Tweezer

lash tweezers assist the technicians in perfecting the fine details of your eyelash extensions. Typically, they are used to put on the volume lashes, but you can also help fix your crooked eyelash extensions with them.

The tips of the eyelash tweezers are vital, which allow you to pick and separate your lashes.

So, how do you use a round shape tweezer to put your bent eyelash extension in place?

  • Use a blow dryer to heat the tweezer slightly. 
  • Tweezer shouldn’t be too hot; check it by touching the back of your hand.
  • If it feels gentle, use it.
  • Pick a bent eyelash extension from the place where it’s crooked.
  • Try bending it to the original shape gently.
lash tweezer to fix crooked eyelash extensions

Tweezer helps you pick the lashes individually. And a slight warmth on it allows you to mold or lift the extension to the right place.

However, this is not an absolute technique to fix bent eyelash extensions. Therefore, use it on an individual volume lash to see if it works for you. 

2. Use Q-tips

While Q-tips are used to clean volume or fake lashes, you can also employ them to shape your crooked eyelash extensions. Take two of them while placing one below and the other above the bent lashes. Gently squeeze the extension to fix it to the standard shape.

This technique is worth trying because there is no risk of damage to your eyelash extensions. As it is a gentler way, chances are it might not work every time to fix the crooked volume lashes. In that case, you can use the tweezer or heated curler.

3. Visit An Eyelash Technician

Suppose you have got your eyelash extensions crooked from sleeping or other means in the first few days after getting them. In that case, it is good to visit the lash technician unless the mess is little that can be easily fixed at home using the techniques mentioned above.

The lash technician will assess the extent of how much you have messed up your eyelash extension and then use the proper method to fix it.

This way will prevent the bent volume lashes from breaking off while ensuring you regain the perfect look without spending extra money.

Wrapping Up

Sleeping with your face into the pillow or arm can bend your lash extensions in weird directions. Also, it can happen with your natural lashes. So, to fix these crooked volume eyelashes, you can use a lash tweezer or heated curler.

But, be mindful that going hard on your eyelash extensions to put them in the right shape may cause them to break off. Use any technique for an individual volume lash first, and if it works, proceed. Otherwise, visit your lash technician.