Rosehip Oil For Eyelashes: 5 Amazing Benefits & More

rosehip oil for eyelashes

Can you use rosehip oil for eyelashes and garner benefits like lash growth and darkening? We are about to find out!

The market is flooded with herbal products containing rosehip oil after various studies have confirmed its usefulness for the skin and hair. It has become the staple of beauty for many, and they use it regularly to moisturize their skin and prevent wrinkles.

And if you are one of those ladies who have rosehip oil, you might have wondered if you can use it for your eyelashes.

Rosehip oil is packed with vital minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. The most important of them are polyphenols, lycopene, vitamin E, A, and linolenic acid, which can nourish your eyelashes and promote their growth.

But there is much more for you to know about whether to use rosehip oil for eyelashes or keep it limited to your skin. So, let’s dive into a bit more detail.

What Can Make Rosehip Oil Good For Your Eyelashes?

Rosehip oil is a dry oil, which means it quickly penetrates the skin and doesn’t clog pores. Its vitamin A and E content, alongside the linolenic acid, make rosehip oil useful for eyelashes in different ways. It can rejuvenate the hair follicles by increasing the blood supply and nourishing lashes, making them thicker and darker.

We have detailed some of the famous benefits of rosehip oil for eyelashes in the following.

1. It Repairs and Rejuvenates Hair Follicles at Lashline

There can be different reasons why hair follicles at the lashline start to fade away over time. Typically, as you age, your body produces less collagen, resulting in wrinkles and hair loss. Secondly, the follicles at the lashline become clogged with eye makeup and dead cells.

According to a study, rosehip oil helps increase collagen production through its vitamin A content. Further, its linolenic acid is quickly absorbed in the skin and nourishes hair follicles.

So, employing rosehip oil for eyelashes can increase the blood circulation around the lashline, open clogged follicles and rejuvenate them.

2. Rosehip Oil May Promote Eyelash Growth

Rosehip oil contains fatty acids that are incredibly moisturizing for your lashes and may help promote eyelash growth. Further, the vitamins E, C, and A in rosehip oil are potent antioxidants and help increase blood circulation to the lashline.

As a rule of thumb, healthy eyelash roots ensure their growth. Rosehip oil has ingredients like linolenic acid, lycopene, vitamins, and minerals that make sure your eyelashes remain growing to their ultimate potential.

While there are no studies done to confirm whether rosehip oil promotes eyelash growth, a number of people claimed positive results after using it regularly to moisturize and nourish their lashes.

3. It Clean Eyelashes From Makeup and Buildup

Makeup and dirt buildup in eyelashes and around the lashline is common, especially when wearing eyelash extensions or water-proof eye makeup. If not cleaned, you can run into a situation where some of your eyelashes will start growing in weird directions.

Dry oils, like rosehip and tea tree, efficiently clean the makeup and dirt out of your eyelashes while not negatively affecting your lash extensions.

Rosehip oil also contains phenols that are good antimicrobial agents. So, while using it to moisturize or clean your lashes, you can prevent infections.

Do you know how helpful tea tree oil is for your eyelashes?

4. Rosehip Oil Can Make Your Eyelashes Darker

The sole beauty goal of having long and thick eyelashes is to make your eyes look wide open and awake. But what if your lashes are less visible just because of their light color.

While it is a more prevalent problem among people with blonde eyelashes, light-colored lashes add little to your look. People use different tactics like wearing false eyelashes or getting lash tints to make them visible.

In addition to these ways, you can darken your eyelashes using essential oils like castor or rosehip. You may not see dramatic results within a few days, but they can turn your lashes darker and fuller over time.

5. It Can Prevent Flaking

The flakes from dryness in the eyelashes sometimes become irritating and don’t seem to go away quickly, especially when you avoid moisturizing and cleaning your eyelashes because of the extensions.

The rosehip oil is polarized, which means it can effectively take away the dirt and makeup from your eyelashes and moisturize them from the roots.

You would need to put a drop or two of the rosehip oil on the spoolie and regularly apply it to your lashes for a few days.

How To Apply Rosehip Seed Oil To Your Eyelashes?

The undiluted rosehip oil can be too strong, mainly when applied to your eyelashes. Therefore, diluting it with coconut or any other vegetable oil is crucial. Also, you will need to do a patch test before using it on lashes.

Take a drop or two of diluted rosehip oil, apply it to your hand’s back, and let it sit for a few hours. If it doesn’t irritate your skin, you may proceed with putting it on your eyelashes.

Keep your eyes closed and apply only two drops of rosehip to your lashes with the help of a spoolie or your finger. Stop using if you experience irritation around your lash line or on the eyelids.

Typically, you might see slight redness on your eyelids after using rosehip oil for the first few days. It is because the oil increases cell turnover and blood circulation. Therefore, it is nothing to worry about as it usually goes away within two days.

Wrapping Up

Rosehip oil is new coconut oil in the beauty industry where several products include it as an ingredient that reduces wrinkles. When analyzing its positives for the hair, rosehip oil can promote eyelash growth through its moisturizing and nourishing power. However, it can irritate your skin in its pure form. Therefore, dilute rosehip oil with any other vegetable oil before using it on your eyelashes.