Using Hair Glue For Eyelashe: Is It A Safe Alternative?

hair glue for lashes

It is like a dream come true if your fake eyelashes don’t fall off for a few days. Finding the best adhesive becomes quite a struggle when regular lash glue doesn’t hold the falsies. Some people want to try the weave or hair glue on their eyelashes because it has a good hold and can keep the fake lashes on the eyes for days.

Using weave glue for putting on fake eyelashes works best for most people. It is made of latex rubber, a stronger adhesive than lash glue. However, weave glue may not be easy to remove from the natural eyelashes and sometimes irritate the eyes.

But many ladies are using hair glue on their eyelashes without facing any problems. It all comes down to how much and how often you employ it. Also, do you use the right way to remove weave glue from your natural lashes?

This article will take you through the upsides and downsides of using hair-bonding glue on your eyelashes. So, let’s get into it!

Can You Use Hair Glue For lashes?

Yes, you can use weave glue on your eyelashes, which will hold the fake lashes in place all day long. However, removing falsies adhered to the natural lashes with the help of hair-bonding glue might be a bit difficult.

Weave glue is easier to use compared to lash glue. It dries out fast, so you don’t have to wait too long every morning. Also, you won’t have to apply too much glue; it works fine even with a small amount because of its strong adhesive power.

But, some people might be allergic to latex and ammonia in the weave glue. Therefore, always test it by applying a small amount to your skin. Also, hair glue can be too strong for your eyelashes. 

It will be best to occasionally use the hair-bonding glue to get a firm hold for your fake eyelashes. As the lashes are softer than your hair, regular use of bonding glue might break them off from the eyes.

Can You Use Lace Front Wig Glue For Eyelashes?

Lace front wig glue can easily withstand the water and oily secretions from the skin and can adhere falsies to your eyelashes for days. However, it contains chemicals that might irritate your eyes.

The extra strength of lace front glue makes it challenging to remove from the eyelashes, especially when left for too long. Moreover, it might clog the hair follicles in your lash line and can cause damage.

So, think again if you are considering replacing your lash glue with the lace front wig glue. Look at the chemical composition of the lace glue. It might have some allergic chemicals.

After you test the front wig glue on your skin, you might use it occasionally for eyelashes. Please read about the product you buy before using it as an alternative to lash glue.

How Long Does Hair Bonding Glue Last On Lashes?

Typically, hair bonding glue can last for 3 to 4 days on your eyelashes, holding the fake lashes. If you plan to use it, put a small amount on the falsies strap compared to the lash glue.

hair glue for fake eyelashes

It is usual for the fake lashes to fall off even if you attach them to your eyelashes with the help of weave glue. When you sleep or wash your face, the bonding between falsies and your natural lashes weakens, resulting in the falling off of fake lashes from either end of your eyes.

While the waterproof hair bonding glue holds onto the eyelashes for many days, we don’t recommend using it too often. It might be difficult to remove and can rip off your natural lashes.

How To Remove Hair Bonding Glue From Eyelashes?

Hair glues are meant to adhere for a week or even a month. Therefore, always analyze their strength and technique of removal before using them on your eyelashes. 

One thing that no one should be doing, whether they employ lash glue or hair bonding glue, is to rip the fake lashes off the eyelashes. There is a risk that your natural lashes might fall off with it.

Use a proper technique to remove the hair bonding glue from your eyelashes. The following steps can help.

  • Soak your eyelashes with warm water.
  • Apply castor oil or any other oil with a cotton swab to the base of your eyelashes.
  • Wait for five minutes to allow the oil to dissolve the glue.
  • Try removing the fake lashes with the help of a tweezer.
  • You can also use an oil-based makeup remover in place of castor oil.
  • If fake lashes are not coming off quickly, use a blow dryer to heat the lash line gently. It will help melt the weave glue.

Once you remove the falsies, wash your eyelashes with a good cleansing shampoo to rinse out any remaining hair bonding glue. We suggest not using the hair glue too often on your eyelashes. Otherwise, you might irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes.

Try and test to determine which glue works best for you while not risking your eyelashes. Or, visit an eyelash technician for further guidance.

Try Magnetic Lashes Instead of Hair Bonding Glue

Whichever type of glue you use, hair bonding or lash, there is always a chance that you might get allergic to it. They are not easy to use as well as to remove.

Therefore, we suggest you give magnetic lashes a try. They are advanced technology fake lashes, specially designed keeping in view the problems people face with conventional falsies.

They come with a pair of fake lashes and a magnetic liner. You would need only a minute to apply the eyeliner and then stick the falsies to it.

Magnetic lashes have a variety of shapes that feel natural and light to wear on the eyes. Above all, they have an ultimate hold, which is why they don’t fall off unless you remove them.

Wrapping Up

While hair weave or bonding glue allows you to wear fake lashes all day long without fearing them falling away, removing them from the natural ones might be challenging. It contains latex and ammonia that can irritate your eyes if used too often. So, if you want to use weave glue for your eyelashes, use it occasionally.