4 Easy Fixes For Too Much Glue On Eyelash Extensions

too much glue on eyelash extensions

Applying lash extensions is tedious, especially when you do it by yourself. It involves various aspects of which glue is the trickiest and requires quite an experience. Too much glue on eyelash extensions can not only make your falsies look bad but also hurt your eyelids. 

So, if it was you at home or your beautician who mistakenly added extra adhesive to your eyelash extensions, it may ruin your entire look. But there’s nothing to worry about!

You can easily remove the glue, which is too much for your eyelash extensions, by rubbing alcohol or body oil. It will take only a few minutes, and you will be able to wear your falsies again. 

This article explains various highly useful techniques to remove extra glue from eyelash extensions. So, keep on reading to find the most suitable one for cleaning your fake lashes. 

Signs Of Too Much Glue On Eyelash Extensions

Using too much glue on your eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes by clogging their pores and making them stick together. The extra weight of the adhesive puts your eyelids under strain which hurts when you blink. Moreover, your volume lashes clump because of this glue and ruin your desired look.

There are a few commonly experienced signs of finding out if you have too much glue at the strap or length of your eyelash extensions. They will help you take action to clear the extra adhesive from your falsies and save the look and health of your natural lashes.

  • You can’t brush through eyelash extensions that have too much glue on them.
  • The lash extensions may appear too thick and will clump together.
  •  Your eyelids may feel hurt and heavy.
  • There may be irritation or burning sensation from extra glue.
  • Your natural lashes may point down due to a load of glue.

When you feel too much glue over your lash extension, don’t ever try to force it out with a tweezer or your fingers. Otherwise, you may not be able to wear them again as they will slide out from the strap holding them together. Also, the chances are that you will ruin the 3D shape of these falsies.

How To Eyelash Extensions With Too Much Glue?

Conventional eyelash extensions employ glue to bind with the natural lashes. And by any means, if you overuse the glue over your falsies, it becomes challenging to remove it.

The very first step of removing extra adhesive from fake lashes is to put them off from your eyes safely. For that, we recommend you watch some videos on youtube or visit the expert at the salon.

But if you already have mastered the technique of taking off eyelash extension, things will be easier for you. After the first step, you can use any following methods to remove glue from your eyelash extensions.

1. Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clear Lash Extension Glue

Generally, rubbing alcohol is used to disinfect your skin or any other surface, but it also can dissolve eyelash extensions glue. It is basic chemistry of “like dissolves like.” Alcohol and glue have the same polarity, so they are soluble in each other. 

Just follow the instructions below to remove glue from your eyelash extensions with rubbing alcohol. 

  • Take off your lash extensions.
  • Put some rubbing alcohol into a glass that can submerge the extensions easily.
  • Dip the falsies into the alcohol and wait for five minutes.
  • You will see glue taking off in pieces from the lash extension.
  • Now take the fake lashes out from the glass and place them on tissue paper. 
  • Gently press another tissue paper on the eyelash extension to absorb any alcohol left on them.
  • Wipe the remaining glue from lashes with tissue paper or a Q-tip.

If still there is any glue left on eyelash extensions, repeat the procedure once or twice to remove it completely. If you don’t have alcohol, you can also employ vinegar, but it might not work as alcohol.

2. Body Oil for Removing Glue From Lashes

You can use the body oil to remove glue while still wearing the eyelash extensions if it is stuck between falsies. But, if the glue is attached to the base of the eyelash extensions, it will be better to take them off and then use the oil. 

Otherwise, the bond between falsies and your natural lashes will loosen, and the extension might fall off.

  • If you took the eyelash extensions off, soak them in warm water for two minutes.
  •  Then apply the body oil with the help of a Q-tip to the areas where glue is tangled.
  • Wait for five minutes to allow the oil to dissolve the glue and break its bonds with eyelash extensions.
  • Finally, use an eyelash spoolie or brush to remove the dissolved glue.

If your eyelash extensions feel greasy due to the oil, you can wash them with alcohol, shampoo, or vinegar. 

4. Wear Magnetic Lashes Instead

Magnetic lashes are a buzz nowadays. They are quite different from conventional eyelash extensions and are effortless to wear over your natural lashes.

They save you from the annoying glue that takes a lot of time and effort to apply. These fake lashes come with magnetic eyeliner that works as a binder.

Within one minute of applying the magnetic eyeliner, you will be able to stick fake lashes with it. And boom, the job is done.

The magnetic lashes from Moxielash and Glamnetic are very famous, easy to wear and remove, and last over a month. You would love to give them a try.

4. Visit An Expert At Salon

A beautician at a salon may mistakenly use too much glue on your eyelash extensions, and you notice it at home. Being a beautician, I always offer my clients the free repair of my mistakes. So, if your salon expert made this mistake, she will surely offer you this service.

The experts have various in-house techniques to fix the common errors like overprocessed lash lifts, bad eyelash extensions, and poor hair perms.

Therefore, we suggest you visit the expert if you fear ruining your eyelash extension at home carrying extra glue.

Wrapping Up

It is common to apply too much glue when wearing the eyelash extension. Fortunately, you can remove this glue by using rubbing alcohol or baby oil and wear the falsies again in their original 3D shape. Or, you can opt for magnetic lashes that are advanced technology and don’t require glue.