Can You Wear Goggles With Eyelash Extensions? 5 Reasons Yes

can you wear goggles with eyelash extensions

If you’re like most women, you probably love getting eyelash extensions. They make your eyes appear awake, wide-open, and brighter! But if you’re not wearing goggles with them, you’re making a mistake.

Some people advise against wearing goggles with eyelash extensions because they think the extension will get bent or crooked. But, in reality, goggles do the contrary.

It is perfectly fine to wear goggles with eyelash extensions because they protect your investment. Not only do they keep water and steam away from your volume lashes, but they also prevent the lash glue from getting weak or loose from salted or chlorinated water while you’re swimming.

This article will explain why it’s crucial to protect your new lashes with goggles. We’ll also tell you about how goggles can help keep your extensions looking great for longer!

When and Why You Should Wear Goggles With Eyelash Extensions?

It is crucial to protect eyelash extensions from water and steam to prevent them from falling out prematurely. Water and moisture can ruin lashes by causing the glue to loosen and break down. Therefore, wearing goggles during activities such as showering or swimming will help keep eyelash extensions intact and prevent any damage.

The following are some common reasons you should wear goggles with eyelash extensions to make them stay longer.

1. Goggles Protect Eyelash Extensions From Water

While it is a wrong notion that you should always keep your lash extensions away from water, overly washing your face or taking showers can limit the life of your volume lashes to only a few weeks.

The eyelash extension glues are usually waterproof, but lash stylists still recommend avoiding the water getting onto your lashes too often. In the long run, water does weaken the bonds between the extensions and your natural eyelashes.

Further, you should avoid the water from the shower directly hitting your eyelash extensions because it also can weaken the bonds by its constant pressure.

So, the best way to protect your lash extensions while showering or washing your face is to wear goggles.

Be mindful that keeping your volume lashes dry all the time or not cleaning them can do more harm than good. Therefore, washing or cleaning extensions regularly using water and a gentle cleanser is good.

2. They Protect Lash Extensions Against Steam

Like some oils, steam does not get along with eyelash extensions. It causes the lash glue or adhesive to loosen, eventually weakening the bonds between extensions and your eyelashes. Thus, all lash stylists recommend not going near steamy sources like facials or cooking.

Sometimes steam becomes unavoidable, like when you have to cook, take a hot shower in winter, or go for a facial. So, under these circumstances, the only way you can prevent the steam from getting into your eyelash extensions is by wearing the goggles.

effect of steam on eyelash extensions

Putting on goggles seals the place around your eyes, thereby protecting volume lashes against the steam and heat. However, sitting too long in a hot shower or facial bed allows some of the steam to bypass the goggles and reach the extensions. Therefore, make sure you don’t sit for more than 10 to 15 minutes near a steamy source.

3. Goggles Prevent Weakening Of Lash Glue Against Tanning

No matter how perfect or thick eyelash extensions you get, they will fall out within three to four weeks. And when you don’t employ a good aftercare routine, they might plunge within the first few days.

There can be different reasons why people go for tanning. And when you are putting on eyelash extensions and plan to get tan in the sun alongside the beach or your swimming pool, you should consider wearing goggles.

The UV rays from the sun heat the lash glue, causing it to get loose or break down. Wearing goggles with eyelash extensions prevents heat or UV rays from reaching your lashes.

When lying on a tan bed in the spa or buying yourself a tanning spray, you need to be mindful that you might damage lash extensions in both cases. The tan beds at the center employ the UV rays and perform the same action a sunbed would have. So, goggles can be an excellent option to keep away the UV light from your eyelash extensions on a tan bed.

Eyelash stylists recommend getting the spray tan before going for the eyelash extensions. These sprays are oily products that don’t go easy on the lash glue.

4. Allow You Go Swimming With Eyelash Extensions

If you have eyelash extensions, you might be wondering if it’s ok to go swimming. The short answer is that it’s not the best idea. Chlorine and other chemicals in pool water can cause the bonding glue used to attach the extensions to your natural lashes to break down. It can lead to your extensions falling off prematurely.

Saltwater is also harsh on lash extensions, so swimming in the ocean is not recommended either.

So if you’re headed to the beach or pool this summer, be sure to take a few extra precautions to protect your lashes. First, try to avoid getting saltwater on your lashes directly. You can wear goggles over eyelash extensions in this regard.

Further, when you swim, there is a constant flow of water against your eyelashes that might put extensions under strain. Goggles do the right job at protecting your lash extensions from that water pressure.

5. Goggles Prevent Eyelash Extensions From Getting Crooked

The eyelash extensions get crooked from sleeping, especially in a posture with your face against the pillow or lying down on the side. It causes the volume lashes to bent or even break away.

While some recommend sleeping on your back, especially for the first few nights after getting eyelash extensions, the best way to protect them is by investing in a cupped goggle or face mask. They keep your lashes intact while preventing them from getting crooked from facing the pillow or your arms.

Wrapping Up

So, can you wear goggles with eyelash extensions?

Whether you’re a frequent swimmer, tanner, or just like to keep your extensions looking fresh for as long as possible, wearing goggles is the best way to protect them from water, heat, and UV rays. So, you can wear goggles with eyelash extensions to make lashes look good for a longer time.