How To Remove Mascara With A Lash Lift? (3 Best Ways)

how to remove mascara with a lash lift

Typically, you won’t need to apply mascara after the lash lift. However, the mascara and lash lift combo can be a good choice if you have thin eyelashes or want a more defined look. But you must be careful when removing the mascara with a lash lift. Otherwise, you might ruin the shape of your lash perm.

Unlike eyelash extensions, a lash lift gives your eyes a more subtle and natural appearance. It requires low maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your lashes away from the water and oil except for the first 24-48 hours.

You can use micellar water or coconut oil to remove mascara with the lash lift. A good eye makeup remover will also work fine to clean the mascara off your permed eyelashes.

But there is a distinction between what you should use to remove waterproof and water-based mascara off your lash lift.

If you are thinking about how can you use oil or oil-based product to remove mascara from your lash lift, keep reading. I will explain why it is perfectly safe to use oil on your lifted eyelashes.

Further, I will go into a bit more detail about how you can employ different options to remove the mascara from your lashes while not ruining the shape or the lasting duration of the lash lift.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Mascara After Lash Lift?

First, you must draw a clear line of difference between the eyelash extensions and a lash lift. Except for the first week, here and there use of oil or oil-based product doesn’t negatively affect the retention of your lash lift.

It is because the perm chemicals change the configuration of bonds in your eyelashes. And it is not possible for any oil to reverse those bonds or break the lash lift so easily. However, excessive use of oily products like makeup remover might decrease the lasting age of lash perm to some degree.

If you wear mascara over your lash lift every other day, you should consider the water-based mascara. It does not impact the retention of your eyelash perm. Secondly, it is easy to remove or wash off. However, it will have all those issues that waterproof mascara doesn’t.

You can use a non-alcohol or regular oil-free makeup remover to remove the water-based mascara from the lash lift. Subsequently, you can wash your lashes with a gentle cleanser.

But removing waterproof mascara with a lash lift is a bit tricky!

Putting the water-resistant mascara on your lash lift won’t be that easy to remove. It is primarily oil-based. So, washing it away with water or oil-free makeup remover will likely not work.

However, you can employ any of the following options to remove the waterproof mascara from your lashes after the lash lift.

1. Micellar Water To Remove Mascara Off Lifted Lashes

I won’t suggest you wear waterproof mascara every day after getting the lash lift. While oil may not break it quickly, it can relax the lash perm over time. So, to keep your lash lift oil exposure within a standard range, you should only put on waterproof mascara when needed.

Micellar water has been the talk of the down for the last few years because it removes every kind of makeup from your skin and eyes. It is composed of micelles of cleaning agents dissolved in the water.

Micellar water is excellent for your eyelashes because it removes the mascara and makeup while not affecting the longevity of the lash lift.

You will need to put some of it on a spoolie and apply it to your lash lift. Let it sit for two minutes, and then use some more. This time gently move the spoolie in your lashes in the upward direction.

Micellar water contains micelles of oil that dissolve away waterproof mascara. But these oil droplets won’t linger around your lashes because they have been formulated not to.

Subsequently, you can use the cotton wipe to remove any remnants of mascara on your lash lift.

wipe mascara off lash lift

This method works almost for everyone, but you should use coconut oil if it doesn’t clean off water-resistant mascara entirely from your permed lashes.

2. Coconut Oil Can Remove Water Resistant Mascara From Lash Lift

Dabbing coconut oil on your permed lashes and letting it sit for a few minutes will dissolve away the waterproof or regular mascara without breaking the lash lift. However, there is a limit to how often you can use oil to remove mascara.

Oils are notoriously famous for relaxing the lash lift. But the reality is a bit different. The lash experts recommend nourishing and moisturizing your eyelashes with coconut oil after 2-3 days of the lash lift procedure.

It is because any oil doesn’t break the bonds reconfigured by the perm chemicals. However, daily use of coconut oil over lashes might decrease lash lift longevity, especially when you leave the oil for hours on your lashes.

So, if I wrap this whole thing up, you can use coconut oil to remove mascara twice a week from your lashes after the lash lift. In addition to cleaning eyelashes off mascara, it will nourish and make them stronger.

Just dap coconut oil on your permed lashes to dissolve the mascara. And then, with the help of a spoolie, brush away mascara. Employ a cotton wipe to take out any remnants of mascara and oil. Wash your lashes with a gentle cleanser and use a spoolie to stroke them up in the direction of lash lift afterward.

3. Eye Makeup Remover

Suppose you want to remove waterproof mascara from your lash lift. In that case, you will always need an oil-based eye makeup remover because the oil will dissolve the water-resistant mascara, unlike the water which repels it.

So, it is decided that oil-free makeup remover won’t work on the waterproof mascara. You will have to involve.

As mentioned above, oil doesn’t break your lash lift. It will only partially relax the perm when you apply the oil to your lashes and leave it overnight. But it still would need 7-8 days.

So, it is safe to use oil-based eye makeup remover after the lash perm. But no more than twice a week unless you want to relax the lash lift within two or three weeks.

Also, washing your lashes afterward with a lash shampoo is crucial to get rid of any leftover oil.

Wrapping Up

The best option to remove the mascara with the lash lift is to use micellar water. But if it doesn’t work, you can opt for coconut oil or eye makeup remover. To clean the waterproof mascara, you always have to involve the oil when the micellar can’t remove it.