Why Does Your Hair Stick Up? 5 Easy Ways To Stop It

Why does your hair stick up

Both youngsters and adults face the sticking up of the hair. It happens in almost every hair type, whether Asian, Afro, or Caucasian. Hair sticks up when it is short; however, other factors also contribute to this phenomenon.

No matter which direction you comb your hair, it still gets back to that sticking-up position. And it becomes frustrating, especially when you have an inch and a half long hair because it becomes difficult to lay it down with a comb or brush.

So, what runs you to a condition where you experience flyaways at the top or back of your head?

As a hairstylist and beautician with years of experience, I’ve seen a lot of folks who come to me because their hair sticks up when they blow-dry or brush it.

This post will examine why your hair is sticking up and how you can fix it using one of the five simple methods I’ve listed below.

Why Is Your Hair Sticking Up At The Top Of Head?

Hair sticks up primarily because of its growth pattern and sometimes due to the thick texture. It grows in a particular direction at the top of your head that can make it stand up.

The following two factors can make your hair stick up, and later we have discussed a few easy ways to stop it.

1. Hair Growth Pattern At Cowlick

At the very top of your head, there is an area called a cowlick or swirl where your hair grows in a circular pattern. In some cases, cowlick can be present on other parts of your head as well.

This hair growth pattern can be very frustrating because it can make you look bald where it is present, and also it causes the sticking up of your hair.

If you have longer hair, you can avoid sticking up partially by applying hair moisturizer like coconut oil which makes your hair settle almost in any direction.

But, not all of us want to put oil in our hair. Further, it does not fix the flyaway hair completely. Right?

2. Hair Texture and Length

Short and thick hair can be easy to manage when you have no swirls. But sometimes, due to its density, the short hair grows straight and becomes challenging to settle, even with moisturizers.

And when you have both conditions together, the cowlick and short hair, the sticking up becomes unavoidable. It can be the second reason that often makes your hair stick up on the sides and back of your head. However, this is not as common as the first one.

The flyaway hair ruins your whole styling and is contesting to stop without employing the proper techniques. I have got your ends covered!

How to Stop Your Hair From Sticking Straight Up?

Combing or blow-drying your hair that is sticking up may cause aches in the hair roots. But, the following five ways help you settle the flyaways without causing any discomfort.

1. Using Hair Gel on Hair That Sticks Up

Hair gel is excellent for smoothing the frizz and flyaway hair on top or sides of your head. It contains polymers that hold your hair together by creating temporary bonds. Thus, by using hair gel to the hair sticking up, you can relax it and lay it down with your normal manes. 

The most famous and useful gel to slick down edges and stubborn hair is gorilla snot. It is affordable and has a thick consistency, which means it can hold your manes for a long time.

What’s the right way to apply gel to hair that sticks up? It’s simple!

  • Brush or comb your hair the way you want it to settle.
  • Take a drop size of gel on your palms and two or three drops of water. 
  • By rubbing your hands together, mix water and gel. 
  • Apply this mixture gently only to hair that’s sticking up and tame it down with your hand to your regular hairstyle.
  • The flyaway hair will form bonds with your normal hair and settle down. 

Using a good hair gel will make sticking up air settled until you wash it. Therefore, we recommend employing alcohol-free LA Looks Extreme Sport Hair Gel

2. Redken Shine Flash 02 Spray For Flyaway Hair

Generally, it is used to smooth down frizz and add the perfect finish to any hairstyle. However, you can employ it only to settle down flyaway hair. 

So, what will you need to make this spray work for you? Nothing but just a kabuki brush!

  • Comb down your hair as per the hairstyle of your want.
  • Spray the Redken Shine Flash 02 on the kabuki brush.
  • Then use the kabuki brush to calm down the flyaways. 

This spray will also add extra shine to your hair and help you give an excellent finish to your hairstyle. 

3. Flat Ironing The Sticking Up Hair

The flat iron is commonly used to straighten hair or reverse a perm. Its heat breaks hydrogen bonds, and cooling enables them to reform, making it easier to straighten or curl your hair or do whatever you want for the day.

However, you can use it to relax your hair that sticks up. According to certified hairdresser Sam Villa, it will work great when you do it the following way. 

  • Once you complete blow drying or brushing your hair take a flat iron and fine teeth comb.
  • Put the comb’s fine teeth in your hair where it sticks up.
  • Now use the flat iron on the hair captured by the comb.
  • Slowly slide down both comb and flat iron together.
  • It will stretch and settle down the flyaways with your already relaxed hair.¬†

You can watch this video for how to flat iron your hair that’s sticking up by Sam Villa Hair Tutorials.  

4. Get A Down Perm

Among Asian men, it is common for hair to stick out, especially from the sides of the head. A Korean down perm was formulated to slick down the stubborn hair.

It is a gentle formula perm and lasts only a month. Moreover, a down perm is very easy to use at home. Therefore, you won’t need to visit a salon and spend extra money.

5. Cutting Hair Short At Cowlick

The main reason your hair sticks up is the growth pattern at the cowlick. The baby hair in this area grows in different directions, as some strands grow straight up. While using a hair gel or flat iron can settle these strands quickly, you do not have to use these options if you cut them short.

cutting sticking up hair

However, be mindful that just picking any of these strands and cutting them down may not go well. Therefore, you should visit an expert hairdresser and explain the situation. He will part the hair that grows in a swirl and cut it properly.

For at least a month after getting your flyaway hair cut properly, you may not need to apply anything else to calm it down.

6. Combing The Hair Same Direction It Grows In

While combing the hair in the direction it grows may not be enough, using moisturizers such as coconut oil first can help. The shafts of your hair stick together when you apply coconut oil to them. So, it can make flyaways stick to normal hair and settle down when combed.

What Have We Learned?

Hair sticking up is normal and generally happens in people with a cowlick area at the top or on the sides of their heads, especially when their hair is short. And, it becomes frustrating when you can’t settle these flyaways with your everyday hairstyle.

But, using a hair gel, flat iron, or hair setting spray can relax this sticking up of the hair. We have explained this above; how. I hope these methods will help you with your flyaways.