How To Get Volume After Keratin Treatment? (Too-Flat Hair)

how to get volume after keratin hair treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a go-to option for many of us to instantly reduce frizz and add shine to our dull and rough hair. However, for some, likely those getting it done for the first time, it may produce unwanted outcomes.

I heard people complain of too flat hair or reduced body after the keratin procedure. So, if you have experienced the same, what are the options to add volume to your hair after the keratin treatment?

Textured and curly hair always feels more voluminous than smooth and sleek hair. The keratin treatment adds protein to your locks, which makes them soft and shiny but reduces the body of your hair to some extent.

If your hair feels too flat after the keratin treatment, you can add some volume to it by using the right styling products and techniques, including volumizing shampoo or a spray. You can backcomb your mane or blow dry it in a specific manner, as discussed below, to produce body and volume.

We have explained 6 ways that can help your hair get volume instantly.

So, let’s explore what option you have to add volume to your hair after getting the keratin treatment.

When and Why Does Keratin Treatment Make Hair Too Flat?

Before getting to know the ways to add volume after the keratin treatment, there are a few things you would need to comprehend first.

Why is your hair frizzy and dull? Did you get the keratin procedure done on your naturally curly hair?

If your hair has a high porosity for any reason, including prior chemical treatment, it is likely to be rough and frizzy. Keratin treatment might turn it too flat, creating a less voluminous look.

The loss of protein from your straighter hair strands can turn them into a curlier texture.

But when keratin layers in and out on your hair strands, it adds extra weight, making your hair flatter. Yes, the additional weight of the keratin protein makes your hair straighter. The same is true for the Magic Sleek.

However, for someone with naturally curly and textured hair, a keratin treatment is less likely to turn their manes too flat. Although, it does reduce the body to some extent by smoothening the hair.

Whatever the condition of your hair was before getting the keratin blowout, if you feel it has a less voluminous look, I have discussed a few ways to add volume to your too-flat hair strands.

Do You Want To Add Volume Or Remove Keratin Treatment Entirely?

It feels and looks great when you smooth and straighten your kinks and waves with a keratin treatment. But the one downside, which amazes the first timers, is reduced volume and body.

The hair that’s too flat appears lifeless.

If your hair hasn’t a lot of volume before the keratin treatment, a low hair body may make you feel like getting rid of the additional protein and turn back your manes to normal.

However, hairstylists don’t recommend removing keratin treatment from your hair immediately. It takes at least a week to feel the actual results, and your hair may get some volume back within ten days.

Therefore, give your keratin-treated manes some time. Plus, look into the following options to add volume. I also have discussed ways to remove the keratin treatment later in this post.

6 Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair After Keratin Treatment

If you are reading this, I suppose you are already done with getting the keratin treatment. Next time, ask for the low-grade keratin procedure designed for thin hair and doesn’t reduce the body as much.

Nevertheless, a few techniques can help you get volume after the keratin treatment. Also, you can employ the products.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse and Sea Salt Spray Technique

If your hair feels overly flat after the recent keratin treatment, you can employ some options that help remove 10-15% of the keratin added to your hair.

However, if you don’t intend to strip keratin while getting your hair volume back, skip to the next heading.

People usually rinse their hair with Apple cider vinegar to remove buildup and balance out the pH of their locks. But you can use it to strip some of the keratin treatment from your flat hair to get volume and body back.

Before you rinse your whole hair with apple cider vinegar, try applying it to a smaller section of your manes to see if it does not overdo the keratin stripping.

You will not need to apply it twice unless you want to go a step further.

Secondly, you can use sea salt spray (we recommend FoxyBae Spray). It helps to add texture and volume to your hair. It works by drying out the hair slightly, which makes it easier to style and gives it a tousled look.

Sea salt also strips keratin treatment out from your hair gradually. So use it until you feel your hair has enough volume back, and stop using it.

2. Use a Dry Shampoo For Voluminous Hair Look

Sulfate-free dry shampoos can help add volume to your keratin-treated hair. They absorb extra oil and build from your hair, producing a textured look. 

Also, some dry shampoos are formulated with ingredients that can add even more volume and body to your hair. Look for products with ingredients like rice starch (R+Co dry shampoo), which can help create a fuller appearance. 

3. Use Voluminizing Mousse on your Hair Roots

You feel reduced hair volume after getting keratin treatment because your hair strands lie flat against your scalp due to the extra weight of added keratin protein. So, using a product like hair mousse on your hair roots will prevent your hair from lying straight and get you volume.

Hair mousse, like Redken’s Root Lifter, does not make your hair greasy but gets you an excellent voluminous look to your too-flat hair after the keratin treatment.

While experts have different opinions about this idea, you can employ a baby powder to get body and volume to your flat hair. However, it is something you can only use occasionally.

4. Choose a Shampoo That Creates a Voluminous Look

Shampoos are explicitly designed to create volume and body for your flatter hair. They lift hair roots and make your locks look fuller.

Volumizing shampoos (R+Co Dallas Biotin Shampoo is the best) contain some thickening agents like biotin, giving your hair extra volume and body.

However, they might build up slowly on your scalp. Therefore, if you use them, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a week.

The same is the case if you employ volumizing conditioners.

5. Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

The additional keratin on your hair causes the hair roots to be straighter, which creates less volume and a flatter mane look. Blow drying your damp hair upside down or in the opposite direction to it usually falls will help you get volume and body.

When you blow dry your hair upside down, it adds an all-over volume to your too-flat hair. This technique helps hair strands stand a bit up instead of weighing down because of their weight.

Focusing on your hair roots and blow drying your hair opposite to typical orientation help get volume after keratin treatment by making hair roots stand.

6. Take a shower at Night and Sleep With a Bun

When your hair is wet, its hydrogen bonds are broken and eventually reform when hair strands dry. If you prefer taking a shower at night, put your damp locks in a bun at the top of your scalp and go to sleep. Ensure not to secure the hair too tightly in the bun.

You can use bigger-diameter foam rollers if you want loose curls.

What it does is that broken hydrogen bonds are reformed in a confirmation that can get you volume after the keratin treatment.

Typically, your hair won’t feel frizzy and unruly after coming out of the bun in the morning if you have the keratin treatment. If it still does, use a smoothening serum.

While brushing your hair in the morning, try to back brush, which helps create body and volume for your frontal manes.

Another option that proves handy in getting volume after the keratin treatment is parting your hair differently from your usual routine. It creates a look of more body at your hair roots.

How do you remove Keratin Treatment from your hair?

Whether you did it at home or went to the salon for the keratin treatment, the results might not go in your favor every time. How can you do that if you need to remove the added keratin from your hair?

Well, you have different options!

If your keratin treatment is just a day or two old, use an intense clarifying shampoo for 2-3 days consecutively, and it will remove the keratin to an extent where you will feel your old hair texture is back.

However, if it has been weeks since you got the keratin treatment, you can employ sea salt spray or a mixture of sea salt and yogurt to dissolve the keratin away.

Sea salt has a harsh exfoliating action and is likely to cause dryness to your locks. So, remember to moisturize your hair right after using the salt with coconut oil.

Wrapping Up

The best option will be to give your hair some time after the keratin treatment. With a few washes, keratin treatment settles, and your hair gets some volume back. If it doesn’t help, use the mousse or volumizing shampoo because they always help.