Getting a Perm To Hide Receding Hairline (& Thining Hair)

perm with receding hairline

Perms were incredibly famous in the 80s for creating a bushy, voluminous hair look, but they’ve evolved into much more. You can now choose from over 40 different perm looks. Some people use them to achieve a variety of incredible hairstyles, while others who have progressive balding use them to add volume and cover their receding hairline.

Pattern hair loss is a common problem, especially among men, that negatively impacts self-confidence. While a perm is not a definitive solution, it can help you gain confidence by hiding your receding hairline. It enables you to create a bushy or wavy hair look that can cover the balding area.

However, a few concerns are hooked with this idea, like perms can cause hair loss, are needed to be addressed. Or, should you get a perm while already experiencing the hair fall?

Well, you can get a specific type of perm I have discussed below.

I also have been struggling with hair loss since my early 20s. In this article, I have put together everything to help you decide whether getting a perm with a receding hairline is good.

Should You Get A Perm With Receding Hairline?

According to a study, hair perms are safe and have long been used by people to get curly or wavy hairstyles. Therefore, getting a gentle perm with a receding hairline is completely fine. Acidic perms are gentle and work best on hair that isn’t very strong.

We suggest this famous Zotos Quantum perm that is exceptionally gentle and gets you perfect poofy hair.

While your hair is prone to damage, you should go for an olaplex perm. What is that? Let’s find out in the next heading!

Before getting a perm to cover the receding area, there are a few things to consider. Perming involves the use of chemicals on your hair, which can cause it to become dry and brittle.

So, consider the following things when assessing your hair. If your hair is strong enough, you can get a regular perm instead of spending extra bucks on olaplex.

  • Is your hair in good enough health to withstand the perm’s chemicals? In most cases, these chemicals are no more aggressive than bleaching agents. So, if your hair can handle bleach, it should also handle perms.
  • There are a variety of perm looks, and each one entails a slightly different method. Choose a style that best serves your goal of concealing a receding hairline while causing minor damage.

Can You Hide Thining Hair With Perm?

There are different reasons why you have thin and fine hair. It may be due to genetics, androgenetic alopecia, or nutritional deficiencies.

So, can you get it permed to achieve a thicker and fuller hair look?

You can get your thin, fine hair permed with a gentle perm kit. It is mild and best suited for delicate and weak hair. However, you still will need to care for and nourish your hair daily to prevent any dryness or damage by this perm.

We suggest you visit a certified hairstylist and get your hair condition checked. Ask the expert if your thin hair can withstand the perm. Try not to get your fine hair permed more than twice yearly to avoid hair fall.

An Olaplex Perm For Thinning Hair?

Hair perm is in trend again, mainly because of olaplex. People love getting a perm for various reasons, including adding texture and volume to their thin hair.

But because of the chemical processing of manes, perms don’t serve everyone, especially those with already weak or thin hair. However, this is not the case with an olaplex perm.

Olaplex is a brand that manufactures various haircare products. One of their products is olaplex no. 1, The Bond multiplier, which reforms the broken disulfide bonds of your hair due to perming.

I have a complete guide about olaplex perm to help you understand its process and benefits.

Do Perms Cause Permanent Hair Loss?

A perm does not cause hair damage in most cases, but you may experience dry and frizzy hair for the first week or two after the treatment. But, a perm with strong chemicals can cause hair loss when your hair is extremely thin and weak. However, it is not permanent, and your hair will grow back.

If you administered an alkaline perm on your thin hair, you might experience a substantial hair fall. Alkaline perms are potent and mainly used on strong, rough hair that can withstand it.

Permanent hair loss or balding is only caused by androgenetic alopecia or aging, where your hair follicle is lost completely.

The wrong application of a perm can only damage the hair strand but not the follicle, so it does not cause permanent hair loss unless you get scalp burn because of the aggressive perming chemicals that may damage hair follicles. 

Can You Get A Perm With Alopecia?

Alopecia, or hair loss, can be temporary or permanent. Generally, your hair falls and grows due to medication or hormonal changes. But, if you suffer from hereditary hair loss, it will be permanent.

In both cases, you can get your hair permed while considering your hair strength and the type of look you want.

perm thin hair

Acidic perms employ chemicals like glycerol mono thioglycolate to break disulfide bonds by maintaining a pH range of 4.5 to 6.5. They are primarily used for hair that is weak or thin. Therefore, get an acidic perm instead of an alkaline if you have alopecia.

3 Different Perm Looks For Receding Hairline

Perm can help you achieve a flattering hair look regardless of your receding hairline and hair thinning. It adds to the beauty of your hair by creating a voluminous and denser manes look. Try the following perm hairstyles to cover the balding.

1. Short Hair Perm

Short hairstyles are always trendy and low-maintenance. And getting a perm with short hair creates an ultimate look to cover the balding crowns.

They may not build a denser look as long hair does, but they are the best fit if you have a good density of existing hair over your hairline.

2. Wavy Hair Perm

A wavy hair perm is more suitable for medium to long hair. It includes loose curls that eventually develop into wavy hair. We suggest this type of perm if you have thin but long hair. Also, it will look more youthful if you cut the sides of your hair short.

3. Fringe Cut With a Perm

 If you are a fan of Peaky Blinders, you’re probably familiar with the fringe cut. Thomas Shelby always wears a fringe cut, and it looks great.

If your hairline is receding, we recommend getting a fringe haircut followed by a perm. It not only increases volume but also makes you look amazing.

Bottom Line

Hair loss is a common problem that affects more than 40% of men or women before they turn 35. It can lower self-confidence and impact quality of life negatively. Perms are a great idea to create a bushy and fuller hair look and help cover the receding hairline due to alopecia.

Getting your thin or fine hair permed at a salon rather than at home is best to prevent hair damage and experience long-lasting results.