Best Keratin Treatment For Bleached Hair (At-Home)

best keratin treatment for bleached hair

Are you one of those whose hair texture changed and now feels curly and frizzy after the bleaching? That’s a common phenomenon, given the condition of your hair before getting bleached. So, is a keratin treatment the best option to smooth the frizz and curls on your bleached hair?

If you look at those with smooth, shiny, and sleek blonde hair, many of them get a keratin treatment after the bleach. A keratin treatment specifically formulated for chemically treated hair can help repair damage and reduce frizz.

Typically, keratin works best on bleached or colored hair because of the hair porosity, which increases due to the loss of proteins from hair strands as a result of aggressive chemical processing.

However, the keratin treatment best for your bleached hair depends on 2-3 factors. So, let’s discuss those facets first and then see what products you should choose.

Can You Do an At-Home Keratin Treatment on Bleached Hair?

You would already know how harsh bleaching can be for your hair. It strips some of the natural keratin from your locks, making them frizzy, more porous, and less smooth. 

Therefore, it makes sense to get keratin treatment over your recently bleached or colored hair. It will improve your hair texture and give it extra shine and smoothness if done rightly. 

According to a study, the keratin treatment increases the diameter of bleached hair by 49%, thereby increasing its strength and elasticity. Further, Science Direct published an article that confirms that keratin can enhance hair strength by up to 40%.

However, a few factors must be considered before getting your bleached hair keratin treatment.

Keratin is a chemical treatment, just like bleaching, but its course of action is quite different. It involves chemicals that help the keratin peptides (smaller units for efficient absorption into hair strands) get infused and bonded to your hair protein. 

Subsequently, hair stylists use a flat iron and hot blow drying of your manes to seal in the keratin and create a smoother hair texture. 

  1. So, if your hair is recently bleached (a day or two ago), give it at least two weeks to recover and settle the hair color if applied.
  2. The second thing is to ensure your at-home keratin treatment kit doesn’t have formaldehyde or any other chemical that could be harsh on your bleached hair. 
  3. Keratin treatment may change your artificial hair color. If you went light blonde with bleaching, your hair’s shade might turn dark or slightly grey. 
  4. If you have natural curls, you won’t be able to get them back until 2-3 months. Keratin treatment can’t be reversed easily.
  5. People complain of too-flat hair and less body after keratin treatment.

If you are thinking of doing a keratin treatment the next day after bleaching your hair while it’s possible, your locks might undergo breakage and abrupt change in artificial color. 

That’s why it is always necessary to visit a professional hairstylist for consultation instead of doing an at-home keratin treatment.

What’s Your Goal With Doing Keratin Treatment on Bleached Hair?

We value our visitors the most, so I want to confirm what you want to achieve with getting a keratin treatment on your bleached hair. I can save you money and suggest a cheaper way that helps your cause.

If you want to repair your bleach-damaged hair with a keratin treatment, you could use Olaplex instead.

But a keratin treatment is a great option if you want to get those smooth, sleek hair after bleaching.

Best At-Home Keratin Treatment Kits For Bleached Hair

There are different types of keratin treatments that you can use for your bleached hair. Some do straighten, smoothen, and repair the chemically-processed hair, while others only do the repairing. You can choose any depending on how you want your hair to look.

1. K18 leave-In Keratin Hair Mask (works amazing for bleached hair, no notable curls straightening)

If you have normal to slightly textured hair that has been dried or over-processed by a recent bleach, you need a keratin treatment hair mask that revitalizes and smoothens your bleach-damaged hair. 

Certainly, you won’t be thinking of a conventional keratin treatment that straightens the locks to a sleek texture because you already have straight manes. 

So, is it not great to have an at-home keratin treatment that gives your bleached hair a smooth and lustrous look while not needing any heat treatment?

K18 Leave-In Hair Mask is a keratin-based formula that repairs bleached or highlighted hair without changing your artificial hair color. 

Unlike salon-based keratin treatments, K18 does not turn your curly hair into sleek manes. It repairs damaged hair, giving it a new life and shine. 

However, your slightly textured hair will feel smooth and straight after using K18 leave-in keratin hair mask. 

So, what makes it unique for your bleached hair?

  • Heat-free keratin treatment formula
  • Repairs bleached hair
  • Color-safe, no change in highlights
  • Moisturizing oils give extra shine.
  • Easy at-home keratin treatment 

K18 leave-in keratin hair mask is not designed to straighten your curly hair but to repair it. Nevertheless, this keratin treatment will make it smooth, sleek, and shiny if you have slightly textured bleached hair. 

2. GK Global’s Keratin Treatment Kit (straightens curls & enhances strength for all hair types)

If you recently bleached or colored your hair and are looking for a keratin treatment that can straighten your locks and smoothen all the frizz and dryness, the GK Global keratin blowout kit will serve your cause. 

It has the most positive customer response. A few weeks back, I suggested it to an online client, and she was very happy with the results. 

Unlike the conventional keratin treatments, there is no need to wait for days to wash your hair after using GK Global’s keratin kit. 

While it is devised to be used by professionals, you can easily employ it at home for your bleached hair. 

Contrary to our first recommendation, this keratin treatment straightens and smoothens curls plus increases hair strand strength by 30-40%. 

So, why would you want to consider it for your bleached hair?

  • It reduces frizz
  • Increases hair strength and elasticity
  • It gives extra shine to your manes
  • Straightens natural curls
  • Results last for 3-5 months
  • Easy to use, requires one and a half hour

You will need to blow dry and flat iron your hair at the end to seal the keratin and get the straightening effect. The step-by-step guide to using this product is available on amazon. 

3. KERATHERAPY’s Keratin Infused Hair Smoothening Cream (Short-term Instant results)

The third product that we recommend is very famous in its category. If you have bleached hair that appears overly frizzy, dry, and rough and can’t afford a conventional keratin treatment, this KERATHERAPY kit can do wonders for your hair. 

This keratin-infused hair smoothening formula is a daily base leave-in cream that can keep your chemically processed hair looking smoother, shinier, and healthier for up to three days. 

If you combine it with OLAPLEX No. 6 BOND smoother, the results will be twofold good, and your bleached hair will recover fast.  

KERATHERAPY’s keratin-infused cream will not straighten your natural tight curls but can smoothen the slightly textured hair, giving an appearance of sleek straight manes. 

When you apply it to your dry hair after the shower (some get good results on damp hair), followed by a medium to high heat blow-drying, the keratin gets sealed into your hair strands.

How can it be best for you?

  • Instant hair smoothening and shine
  • The results last for days, and you will need to reapply the cream.
  • Single bottle cover multiple applications
  • Affordable
  • Repairing

If you are looking for a keratin treatment that can straighten the curls on your bleached hair plus remove the frizz and dryness, this product is not for you!

Wrapping Up

Every type of keratin treatment suggested above serves a specific cause. If you want your bleached hair curls to be straightened and frizz for months, the GK Global keratin treatment kit is for you. However, if you only want to repair and smoothen your highlighted hair, the K18 hair mask will do that for you.