Did Magic Sleek Ruin Your Hair? Here Is What to DO

magic sleek ruined my hair

Like other hair straightening treatments, such as keratin treatment, Magic Sleek has gained popularity among those seeking smooth, frizz-free hair.

While it may offer desirable results for most, it is crucial to acknowledge that all chemical hair straightening methods, regardless of brand claims, come with their share of drawbacks and potential hair damage.

As someone who interacted with customers who experienced the fallout of Magic Sleek, I understand the frustration and disappointment that can arise when undesirable consequences overshadow the promised benefits.

While not for the majority, Magic Sleek produces unlikely results, where people feel their hair is overly dry, thin, has changed its color, or has gone too flat.

How the procedure is done matters more than the formula of magic sleek for unwanted results.

In this post, I will discuss some of the reasons that might make you feel that Magic Sleek has ruined your hair. Also, what can you do to fix your hair?

3 Reasons That Make You Feel Magic Sleek Ruined Your Hair

As you know, each customer receiving the Magic Sleek treatment has a unique hair type. Some may have previously damaged and frizzy hair, while others desire straighter curls.

I have also talked to people who got the Magic Sleek procedure done on their recently bleached and colored hair.

In every one of the cases mentioned above, Magic Sleek will likely produce different results, in some instances, might even ruin your hair.

Therefore, you must understand the root cause of why the Magic Sleek treatment has gone wrong for your hair but did great for others.

1. Hair Too Flat or Reduced Volume

If you’re blessed with hair with a bit of a wave and some gentle curves – not poker-straight, but not full-on curly either. You love how it’s just the right amount of bouncy and voluminous.

By trying the Magic Sleek Hair Treatment, you hoped to elevate your hair game. However, after the treatment, your once vibrant and bouncy hair has become overly sleek and flat.

It feels like all the volume’s gone. It could be one reason you may feel Magic Sleek has ruined your hair.

One common problem, which most people don’t know before getting Magic Sleek or Keratin Hair treatment, is that both procedures make hair feel too flat.

Knowing about it before getting your hair straightened with Magic Sleek is not a problem. The proteins from the treatment add extra weight to your hair, which makes it lie flat.

2. Not Enough Straighter or Sleek Hair

You had a head full of beautiful, tight curls but wanted straighter hair, just for a change. So, you give Magic Sleek a shot, hoping for a total transformation.

Unfortunately, even though Magic Sleek says it works for all hair types, your thick, curly hair isn’t as straight as you’d hoped.

Your curls may have loosened, but they aren’t the smooth, straight locks you hoped for. This could be one reason you feel that Magic Sleek hasn’t met your expectations.

Magic Sleek may not be as effective on extremely curly and coarse hair compared to Keratin treatments. While a skilled hair professional may be able to customize the treatment for a sleeker result, not all stylists have the same level of expertise.

If the hair stylist does not follow the instructions given by Magic Sleek, your hair can go back to its normal texture in a matter of days.

3. Your Hair Feels Dry and Brittle

While people at Magic Sleek Company claim the treatment to be a great choice for already damaged or low-porosity hair because it adds protein and smoothens those unruly locks, this is not always the case.

Magic Sleek has announced all of its ingredients, Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine and keratin amino acids being the main compounds that bound to your hair fiber.

If your stylist has to use higher heat and repeat applications to achieve a sleek result, your will likely get dry and brittle.

The cationic charge on the hair can also be a contributing factor to the brittle strands.

Customers have experienced their hair feeling soft and smooth if they use the Magic sleek deep conditioner after the treatment.

There is also a chance you had thick curly hair, which was not easy to get sleek, so the stylist had to over-try with excessive heat and repeated applications and damaged the hair.

What to Do If Magic Sleek Has Ruined Your Hair?

If you feel like your Magic Sleek treatment ruined your hair, it’s important not to jump right into trying to fix it. First, pinpoint why you are unhappy – is your hair too flat, still frizzy, dry, or changed color?

Identifying the specific problem will help you figure out the right solution. You may worsen things if you go straight to using different products and treatments without knowing what went wrong. Determine what aspect of the Magic Sleek went wrong for you.

I have discussed a few options for addressing specific case scenarios.

1. Fixing Too Flat Hair After Magic Sleek

The one common problem customers face is feeling their hair has got too flat and less voluminous after treatments like Magic Sleek and Keratin. It is only the added protein to your hair that weighs the strands down.

If you feel the need to create a voluminous look, I recommend a few techniques to help add the body back.

First, these treatments wash out with time, so you can wait a week or two and get some hair texture back.

As an immediate option, using volumizing sprays or mousses when blow drying can add lift to the roots. I advise focusing the dryer and round brush at the crown to get maximum lift.

get hair volume after magic sleek treatment

Also, loosely teasing sections around the crown in an even pattern can help build volume where you need it most.

As the extra weight of protein makes hair lay flat, getting some layers cut in can remove weight from the bottom and allow the top to achieve more bounce.

2. Use the Hair Repairing Options

You would agree that no magic solution can turn your limp, dry, and brittle hair to smooth and strong manes overnight.

However, there are options, quick and slow, that can repair your dry and damaged hair.

Let’s first see how to repair your Magic Sleek ruined hair quickly.

If you have yet to hear about Olaplex, it is a famous hair care brand with top-selling hair-repairing solutions.

Most of their products have an active ingredient (bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate) that penetrates the hair’s cortex to mend bonds and improve elasticity.

I would suggest Olaplex No.3, followed by No.0, to improve the feel and look of your dry and brittle hair.

Secondly, you can deep condition your hair using different masks and oils, which take time to repair the damaged hair.

The best option is to use one of Olaplex’s products, followed by a deep conditioning mask to fix what Magic Sleek has caused.

3. Choose The Right Hair Stylist

For someone who not got the ideal hair straightening and feels they wasted their money on the Magic Sleek, there is nothing but to spend the extra money and get this problem fixed.

While your hair type and condition play a big role in how well Magic Sleek treatments work, the skill and technique of the stylist are also important factors.

Ask if the stylist specifically has training in the Magic Sleek application. It requires proper technique to avoid over or under-processing.

For future chemical services, visit a reputable salon known for consistent quality work. Read reviews and look at before/after photos of the stylists’ work. Ask for a stylist experienced with your hair type.

Bottom Line

While Magic Sleek offers long-lasting straight, frizz-free hair for many, some may find it leaves hair flat, still curly, dry, or damaged. Pinpoint what went wrong – whether from hair type mismatch or stylist error.

You can address the specific problem with targeted solutions like volumizing products, conditioning treatments, avoiding heat tools, and seeing an experienced stylist. You can improve where magic sleek has gone wrong with realistic expectations and patience.

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