Top 8 Benefits Of Not Retwisting Your Locs Often

benefits of not retwisting locs

The locks are great for many reasons. They are economical and easy to manage because there is not much time or cost that goes into caring for them. While loving the locs, you might not need to think about other hairstyles. You can flaunt with them. However, for some people retwisting the locks is more dope than just having the simple dreads. But is it beneficial for your hair?

While there is no harm in retwisting your locs, doing it too much can put your hair strands under constant strain and may cause hair loss.

You can indeed rock with retwisted locks and look more fresh and appealing, but doing so might not be protective like just having simple dreadlocks. Also, they are not that easy to maintain because twisted locks need touch-ups every few days, and you may need to use styling products.

So, this article will put together all benefits of not retwisting your locs. Keep on reading if you want to feel confident about your locks and prevent hair thinning

Benefits Of Not Retwisting Your Locks

The means we employ to make our hair soft, silky, colorful, or straight involve chemicals that can damage the hair in the long run. On the other hand, if you don’t use these harsh styling chemicals on your manes, you save your hair from damage and hold some extra money.

Dreadlocks or locs go back to ancient times when people didn’t have all these products, and they let their hair grow twisting into each other. The Africans used to wear the locks back in history, and it later became a cultural symbol for them. But today, anyone from any culture, religion, or race can flaunt with dreadlocks.

Retwisting the locs is somehow started in the ancient Indian culture but is famous worldwide now. However, we will put forward some of the benefits of not retwisting your locks. So, let’s start with the first one.

1. Saves Your Hair Roots From Constant Strain

Retwisting your locs puts your scalp and hair strands under constant strain, which is not good at all. While your mane seems strong, it is delicate and can get damaged upon pulling and twisting. Any injury to the hair stands will lead them to fall out or turn grey and dry. 

In extreme cases of twisting, where you unintentionally keep retwisting your locs all day long, you might experience hair thinning. It can also lead your scalp to stress.

So, not retwisting your locs keeps your scalp calm and allows the hair to grow and twist on itself. And it is healthy and protective because, in this way, your hair retains more moisture. 

2. Not Retwisting Locs Prevents Dryness

Retwisting your dreads a lot exposes your scalp to dryness. How? Did you ever notice that bald people have oil scalp? It is scarce because they don’t have hair to cover and lock the moisture in the scalp. 

Moreover, you keep off from moisturizing your dreadlocks in fear of loosening them, which leads you to experience further dryness on your scalp.

The benefit of not retwisting your locs is that your scalp remains moisturized, and your hair grows out stronger. So, you get the puffy dreadlocks that look amazing. Also, when your scalp is less exposed to the environment, you experience less buildup of dirt and pollutants. 

3. You Don’t Have To Use Gel or Keep Locs Dry

Unlike simple dreadlocks, twisted locks need a lot of maintenance. There is always a chance that they will get loose. So, you have to use different tactics to keep the dreads twisted.

Using gel is very common on twisted locks that help mat them and don’t allow hair to stick out. Also, you may need to keep the locs dry; otherwise, they will get loose a bit. All of it, using gel and keeping hair dry, is not good for your mane health. 

But what if you don’t have to retwist your locs and keep them dry all the time? They will be easy to maintain and not susceptible to dryness and chemical buildup. 

4. Gets You Thicker Hair

Dreadlocks are famous because they protect your hair from breakage and thinning. But when you retwist them too often, the hair starts weakening from the root due to the constant pull and tension from palm twisting. 

Further, it might also weaken the hair follicle, a tissue from where hair strands grow out. Ultimately, you may start noticing hair thinning from different patches on your scalp, especially on the frontal hairline. 

Leaving your hair to grow naturally into locs helps you get thicker manes over time, and who doesn’t want the thick hair? So, abstain from retwisting your locs entirely or do it once in a while. 

5. Your Hair Gets into Locs Quicker

Hair getting into locs is a natural process that takes some time. While retwisting your locs can be cool sometimes, doing it too often can ruin your natural locs.

Locs are entangled hair in a particular way; retwisting already developed locs can unfasten them. So, not constantly manipulating them and allowing them some freedom and time will help your get locs quicker.

6. Hair Roots Become Easy To Moisturize

Retwisting your locs and using gel over them prevent the moisturizers from reaching your hair roots. It is because your hair is twisted so tight into locs that there is no route for the moisturizer to get to your scalp covered by the dreads.


The benefit of not retwisting your locs is that it remains a bit untwisted at the base, which helps moisturizers to reach the hair roots easily. Further, it also becomes easy to cleanse the scalp patches covered by the locs.

7. Saves You Time & Money

Retwisting of locs needs time, effort, and money. And saving all of these three is crucial for most of us. For beginners, they have to visit the stylist, and that can cost a lot because she may use a lot of products claiming they will moisturize and mat your locs. 

But for simple dreadlocks, you don’t have to visit an expert or use any product. Leave the hair alone for some time and chill. There will be no stickiness and buildup from the gels and other chemical products.

8. It Makes You Look Raw and Confident

Many trends come and go with time, but the thing that remains constant in beauty is your raw looks. Being yourself naturally boosts your self-confidence. You get more aware of your personality and looks. And it becomes easy for you to have self-acceptance.

We love the retwist because they look a bit fresh and classy to some. But it also forces you always to think about how your hair looks. You lose the freedom while thinking your locs have to lock a certain way.

Wrapping Up

While retwisting the dreadlocks makes them look neater and fresh, there are also some downsides. It can put your hair and scalp under a lot of strain, becomes challenging to maintain, and you have to use different products to get those extremely twisted locs.

So, not retwisting your locs benefits you by saving you time, money and from hair breakage. The hair gets thicker and also becomes easy to moisturize.