What Is French Braid Perm & How To Do It At Home?

French Braid Perm

Perm kit enables you to wear loose or tight curls for a long time without trying to style your hair every morning. Generally, a perm can take up to three hours and involve chemicals and perming rods. But, as the trend is shifting, you can also get a perm over your French braid instead of employing the curling rods. 

A French braid perm can produce tight or loose curls for both long and short hair. It is a simple procedure compared to the traditional salon perms on which you spend a lot of money. 

It is tough to be stuck with a hairstyle you don’t like. So, if you are thinking of getting a perm over your French braids, we will help you come to a decision.¬†

What Is a French Braid Perm?

Braiding is a technique through which you twist your hair together to give it the shape of a ponytail. French braids are very famous nowadays because they look attractive, especially on straight and sleek hair

So, when you put your hair into French braids and apply a perming solution all over it, you get perfect curls just like those people get after employing the rods during regular perms.

The best thing about the French braid perm is that you can get it at home. However, you should know how to braid your hair first. Moreover, the shape of curls from this type of perm depends on how you do your braids. 

How Do You Get Loose French Braid Perm? 

The type of curls you get with a perm over a french braid depends on how tight or loose your braids are. If you want to get a loose french braid perm, make sure that your hands are away from the area you are braiding. In this way, you’ll be able to make loose braids, and a perm over them will get you slack curls. 

The loose braids suit mainly the long hair. So, if you are planning to get loose curls by applying a perming solution over your french braids, make sure you have long manes. 

Can You Get Perm on French Braids for Both Long and Short Hair?

Yes, it is possible to get a french braid perm over both long and short hair but with some distinction. You can only get tight curls on short hair because there isn’t enough area on your locks to produce loose ones. However, you can perm the braids on longer manes to get wobbly and tight curls. 

Should You Get Acid Or Alkaline Perm On Braids?

A perm solution is a chemical that breaks the disulfide bonds in your hair strands. Generally, there are two different types of perm kits available, of which one has acidic, and the other contains an alkaline perming solution.

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Both types of perm solutions are formulated for specific types of hair. The alkaline perm is strong and is mainly employed for thick and coarse hair. On the contrary, acid perm has a pH range near the normal pH of your hair. Therefore, it is more gentle than alkaline and is used for weak and thin hair.

So, if you have recently treated your hair with bleach or dye, you should use an acid perm on your french braids. But, if you have strong and thick hair that doesn’t get curls easily, you may want to use the alkaline perm.

How Long Does French Braid Perm Last?

Typically, an acid perm lasts about four months, depending on how well you take care of it. On the other hand, an alkaline perm can last for six months on your hair.

After getting a perm on your French braids, there are a few things to care about. Your manes should remain dry and untouched for at least the first 36 hours. Also, you may not want to use any heating tool on your permed hair for the first two days because it can ruin the curls.

The curls from the perm vanish with time as your hair grows out. So, if you have shorter locks, curls may go away within the first three months or will only be visible at the ends of your hair.

How To Do a French Braid Perm at Home?

Doing a french braid perm is relatively easy compared to the usual perm because you don’t have to play with those rods. So, you can order a perm kit online and do the whole process at home.

Follow the steps below to execute the perm over your french braids at home.

Step 1:

The first step towards getting a perfect perm is to do your braids correctly. Usually, people make three to six braids, depending on the length and volume of their hair. If you are good at doing a hand-down braid, you may also do a french by yourself.

Perfecting the braid is crucial because it will decide how tight or loose curls you get after the perm.

Step 2:

Wrap the towel around your head, leaving the braids out and covering the skin well to prevent perm solution from touching it.

You have to decide which type of perm solution your hair can withstand while also getting you the ideal waves. We have found alkaline and acid perm kits that are affordable and work exceptionally well. 

When you have your hands on the perm kit, you can take out the perm solution and apply it over your french braids. Make sure that you soak your braids well.

Cover your hair with the cover that comes along with the kit. Let the solution stay in your hair for the time mentioned on the instructions list in the perm kit. Generally, it will be around 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3:

Rinse out the perm solution from your french braids with lukewarm water. Allow the water to run through your hair for three minutes so it can wash away all of the perm solutions.

You don’t have to undo the braids while rinsing the perm out from your manes. Let it dry a bit after you wash the hair for three minutes. You can also press the towel against the braid to soak out the water.

Step 4:

Apply the neutralizer solution all over the braids to set the curls induced by the perm. After applying the neutralizer, sit for two or three minutes and rinse it out with the normal water.

After all of this, you can undo the braids, dry your hair with a blow dryer, and experience fantastic curls.

Wrapping Up

Back in the 20th century, people used to get perm with the help of braids, unlike today, where we employ rods for the same purpose. While rods can help you get perfect and pronounced curls, there goes a lot of effort and expertise into them.

French braid perm is an easy way to produce loose or tight waves without involving any hairstylist. If you are good at making braids, you can buy a perm kit and do everything yourself at home.