Results With 20 Volume Developer and Baking Soda (& 30, 40)

20 volume developer and baking soda

The bleaching powder you use in combination with the developer raises the pH of your hair to 9 or 10, which opens the cuticle and makes it easy for the developer to reach the hair cortex. But there can be a list of reasons you may not want to use it. So, can 30 volume developer and baking soda get you the same lift as bleaching powder?

Baking soda, a household staple, is comparatively safe than bleach powder. And does almost the same thing with your hair strands as bleach when used with the developer.

When using baking soda and 30 volume developer to lift your hair color, don’t expect the same results as you would get by mixing this volume developer with bleach powder. So, it would be better to do a patch test first and then apply a blend of the developer and baking soda to your entire hair.

Further down, I have tried using 10, 20, 30, and 40 volume developers with baking soda and did a few patch tests to find how many levels of color lift you would get by employing each combination.

Hair Color Lift With 20 Volume Developer and Baking Soda

When you use baking soda instead of bleach and mix it with 20 volume developer, it lifts your hair color to 1-2 levels. But you would need to leave the mixture on your hair for 40 to 60 minutes.

The results can vary for people with textured black hair or fine blonde manes. Therefore, I always suggest preparing a small amount of 20 volume developer and baking soda blend and doing a patch test first.

If you have thick black hair strands, the combo of baking soda and 20 volume developer may not lighten your hair more than one level. Textured hair resists the action of both these chemicals. So, to lift your hair tint drastically, you would need the 40 volume developer.

But if you have light brown or dark blonde hair, it is easy to go completely blonde by just using 20 volume developer and baking soda. Just mix both in the same ratio and leave the mixture on your hair for an hour.

As you may already know, bleaching your hair twice the same day or even within a week can damage it. When using baking soda and developer, although it might be less damaging, your hair can still suffer if you apply the mixture repeatedly on the same day. Or twice within just a few days.

So, make sure you give your blonde hair at least ten days’ rest before applying baking soda and any volume developer blend. For textured hair, you can reduce the time to a week.

Apply Neutralizing Shampoo After Lightening Hair with Baking Soda and Developer

Whether you are using bleach or baking powder with the developer to lift your hair color, you would need something at the end of the process to neutralize the raised pH.

Typically, people use a neutralizing shampoo to swap the alkaline pH back to normal. However, the surfactants in shampoo might go harsh on your just chemically treated hair.

Therefore, you can employ safe options like apple cider vinegar or fruit-fresh that effectively reverse the pH without causing any damage.

Using Baking Soda and 30 Volume Developer to Lighten Hair

Typically, the 30 volume developer lightens your hair to 3-4 levels when used with bleach powder. However, mixing it with baking soda doesn’t lift the hair color to more than two levels. But if your hair type is normal or fine, the 30 volume developer and baking soda blend will change hair shade to three levels.

Baking Soda + Volume Developer (1:1)Color lift for textured black hairColor lift for normal light hair
Baking soda + 10 volume developer No lift just slight lightening almost no lift but a bit lighter hair
Baking soda + 20 volume developer 1 level1-2 levels
Baking soda + 30 volume developer1-2 levels2-3 levels
Baking soda + 40 volume developer3-4 levels4-5 levels

Baking soda has a number of uses. In general, and with the no-poo movement, people employ it to clean their scalp and hair from buildup, dirt, and oil. So, baking soda is safe for hair when you use it once a week.

But never expect the hair lightening with baking soda to be completely free of damage because the developer has its part. Both cause your hair to get dry and prone to damage if it’s already weak.

Lifting Hair Color with 40 Volume Developer and Baking Soda

The 40 volume developer (chemically known as 12% hydrogen peroxide) can lift hair color to 4-5 levels when mixed with baking soda. The process may go harsh for someone with weak or already chemically treated hair and can cause dry hair and breakage.

However, if you have healthy and thick hair, the damage will be minimal. The results can vary as per hair texture. So, I suggest you do a strand test by applying the 40 volume developer and baking soda mixture on a patch of your hair and leaving for an hour.

Also, use apple cider vinegar or neutralizing shampoo after lifting your hair color with baking soda and 40 volume developer, which will save your manes from dryness and breakage.

Can Baking Soda and the Developer Damage Your Hair?

As mentioned above, baking soda is considered safe for hair when used once in a while. The same goes for the developer. However, if you use a higher strength developer with baking soda, you should expect some degree of dryness and breakage, even if you have healthy hair.

I don’t suggest lightening your thin and fine hair with the conventional bleaching technique or by using the baking soda method. It can cause excessive hair breakage and dryness.

Wrapping Up

Using 20 or whatever volume developer with baking soda will not get you the levels of hair color lift as bleaching powder does. The results vary and, in most cases, are not drastic. Therefore, it would be more satisfactory to do a strand test first and then proceed with the complete application of baking soda and the developer mix on your hai.