Can You Do A Perm Without End Papers? [4 Alternatives]

can you do a perm without end papers

Perm kits rarely come with endwarps. And if you decide to do the perm at home, you probably won’t have the end paper for it. But are these papers a big deal for doing a perm correctly?

Typically, many folks who do their perm on their own don’t know much about the endpaper. Or have run out of them. So, can you do the perm without the endpaper?

While you can do a perm without endpapers, you might cause a lot of damage to your hair. Further, the curls at the end will not last long. So, if you run out of perm end papers, you can use some alternatives, I discussed later in this post.

In some cases, like a braid perm, people usually do perm without using the endpapers. It is only because braid perm doesn’t require the rods.

Below, I’ll break down why you can’t do a perm without endpapers and some of the best alternatives for these end wraps so that you can make the best decision for your hair.

What Are End Papers Used For In Perms?

Perm endpaper is a type of paper used in perms to help protect the hair from heat damage. It also helps to ensure even distribution of the perm solution and helps to keep the hair soaking in the solution.

You can just order these wraps once; they will be enough for years. We suggest Truewave End Paper.

The endpapers or wraps are crucial to perming your hair because they help with the following functions. 

  • Perm papers help you wrap your hair evenly and uniformly around the rods. If you don’t use endpapers, your hair may slip or stick out of the perm rods (these rods also have alternatives). 
  • The end wraps or papers act as a buffer between the perm solution and your hair. So, they prevent chemical damage to your manes. 
  • The endpapers are crucial during perms because they protect your hair from the heat produced from the exothermic perm. 
  • You get perfect and long-lasting curls from the perm using the end wraps.
  • They help prevent dry and frizzy hair ends from the perm.

Why Shouldn’t You Do A Perm Without End Papers?

The endpapers help prevent chemical damage to your hair from the perm solution. They act as a buffer and protect the hair from heat produced by the exothermic perm solutions. Most importantly, they let you wrap the hair around perming rods uniformly.

So, if you do a perm without endpapers, you may not get the perfect curls that look amazing and linger around for a long time. Typically, people who perm their hair at home don’t know much about the end wraps. Therefore, it is common for them to experience damaged and dry hair ends without flawless curls.

When Can You Do a Perm Without Endpapers?

Whether or not you need to use perm papers to perm hair depends on your hair type. If your hair is thick or curly, you may not want to use the endpaper and allow your hair to get the perm ideally. However, if your hair is thin or straight, you might not be able to skip the end wraps to avoid damage.

Some types of perm don’t require the rods. Therefore, there is no need to use the endpaper for them. Braid perms are famous nowadays, where you put your hair in the braids and then apply a perm solution to set the curls.

If you try to lay down your hair that sticks out from the sides or top of the head, you will use a Korean down perm. This type of perm doesn’t require the rods. However, it comes with endpapers that you must stick on your hair after applying the perm solution.

It helps you neutralize the perm solution and absorb any if left. So, if you want to sum this up, if your perm kit instructions list suggests you use endpapers, you should go for them.

What To Use Instead Of Perm End Papers? Alternatives

So, if you run out of perm endpapers or can’t find any in the nearby drugstore, there are different things you can use as an alternative.

First of all, you can use a number of different things as an alternative to endpapers. For example, some people use a thin cotton cloth, while others use porous plastic wrap.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to find and doesn’t require any unique supplies, then a thin cotton cloth is probably your best bet.

However, plastic wrap might be a better choice if you’re searching for a more versatile option. This is because it’s not as absorbent as cotton cloth, which will help keep the perm solution on your hair longer. Plus, it’s easy to apply and remove.

You can use the following things as an alternative for the perm endpapers.

  • Thin Cotton Cloth
  • Porous Plastic Wrap
  • Good Quality Tissue Paper
  • Thin Parchment Paper

Best Perm End Papers

1. Fuji Perfect Paper End Papers

Are you looking for a firm grip and total saturation? Look no further than Fuji Perfect Paper End Papers. These jumbo-sized papers are pre-folded to save time and money and come in packs of 500 sheets per bundle. They’re perfect for neutralizing any spill and provide a tight grip that won’t let go.

Fuji Perfect Paper End Papers are designed to make the job of rolling perms easier. These endpapers pop up and can be folded in half, making wrapping your perms easy. They come in a convenient jumbo pack size that will last years.

2. Graham Beauty Salon Truewave Jumbo End Paper

The Graham Beauty Salon Truewave Jumbo End Papers are 4″ x 2.5 inches and can be used with any perm rod. They are very absorbent and strong even when wet, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your towels or clothes during a perm session.

The self-dispensing box makes it easy for you to access the endpapers whenever you need them, without digging through a messy drawer of old ones that no longer work.

Plus, they come in an attractive design that will look great on display at your beauty table!

Wrapping Up

So, can you do a perm without endpapers? Technically, yes. However, the results may not be what you’re hoping for and could damage your hair. If you don’t have end wraps, alternatives like tissue paper or thin cotton cloths can help ensure your perm is successful.