Rogaine (Minoxidil) For Eyebrows Growth: Is It The Best Choice?

rogaine for eyebrows

Eyebrows surprisingly contribute a fair value to our appearance in both of their thick and ethereal forms. According to several studies, they are a pertinent feature of facial recognition. Therefore, while longing for ideal eyebrows, we go the extra step to try unconventional tactics. And now, when there is a trend for thicker eyebrows after Cara Delevingne, among us who have thinner brows are ascertaining ways to be a part of the drift. In this regard, the idea of employing rogaine for eyebrows is thriving.

Rogaine (Minoxidil) is an FDA-approved medication against both male and female pattern hair loss. However, recently, rage about its effectiveness for getting thicker and fuller brows ignited multiple studies. Subsequently, an investigation showed that rogaine does moderately increase eyebrows growth.

At SkinVeteran, we believe in helping our readers maintain excelling appearance. Today, we will break the facts for you about how does rogaine helps you get fuller eyebrows. Also, we will decipher the way you can apply it to pull off maximum benefits and prevent side effects.

Does Rogaine Work for Eyebrows Growth?

Interestingly, Rogaine (minoxidil) helps in eyebrows growth to some extent and is completely safe when applied correctly. And any mishandling can lead you to face complications.

According to the Japanese Dermatologists Association, 42 volunteers participated in an investigation of growing eyebrows by Rogaine. Researchers applied 2 % minoxidil on one side eyebrow and placebo on the other for 16 weeks. Rogaine’s eyebrow showed significant growth and thickness in 98 percent of volunteers, while the others remained unaffected.

Another study carried out to compare minoxidil and bimatoprost (two of the hair loss treatments) demonstrated that rogaine for eyebrows offers more safe and effective results.

Based on these studies and experts’ personal experiences, we can declare that rogaine can be an effective option to promote thin brows growth. But one should always follow the under-given suggestions for safety and effectiveness.

How to Apply Minoxidil For Eyebrows Growth?

As mentioned above, Rogaine is formulated to treat male and female pattern hair loss. Hence, applying it to eyebrows is still not approved by the FDA. The concerns are that it can cause some damage to the eyes. However, these claims have not met reality yet. 

Dermatologists recommend the following points to avoid any possible side effects of Rogaine use for eyebrows growth.

  • For treating androgenic alopecia (pattern hair loss), a 5 percent formulation of minoxidil is employed. But in the case of eyebrows, experts prescribe 2 % Rogaine. It is less potent, so it will not cause any side effects
  • One should apply the Rogaine solution with Qtip and try not to drip it into your eyes
  • If you somehow trickled Rogaine into the eyes, immediately rinse it out because it can cause severe irritation
  • Do not touch Qtip elsewhere like on your cheeks because you can experience hair growth there as well
  • Apply it daily once or twice for effective eyebrows growth and thickness
  • You should not exceed six drops of rogaine for its one-time use.

Hair plucking adversely damages the follicles. Also, it causes permanent hair loss in the eyebrows. And rogaine will not be able to get it back. Therefore, avoid plucking hair to the maximum extent. 

Rogaine for Eyebrows Before and After (Results)

There can be different reasons why your eyebrows are thin. Most common are plucking, alopecia, and thyroid problems. To manifest the results of Rogaine for brows here is a before and after picture of a 60 years patient who has undergone the minoxidil treatment. She was struggling with alopecia, due to which she lost a notable portion of her eyebrows. 

rogaine for eyebrows before and after
Picture By |Cureus|

Although her treatment is still ongoing, she has noted a significant improvement in her eyebrows’ thickness. She has completed 10 of her 16 weeks of treatment.

One thing that you should take into account is that rogaine can help you get thicker eyebrows. But if you struggle with alopecia, all regrown hair can snap back in one year on quitting the treatment. Therefore, employing rogaine for eyebrows on alternate months will help you sustain them.

Possible Side Effects of Rogaine For Eyebrows

A study carried out in 2014 has declared Rogaine a safe treatment for eyebrows. Still, as it is not approved by FDA for eyebrows, there are certain limitations to its usage. 

Since the skin around your eyes is delicate and thin, applying any chemical to it can cause some complexities. To prevent these complications, we have already suggested a few points above. 

Until now, no one has come across anything adverse about Rogaine’s use for eyebrows. However, abstaining from the instructions mentioned above can lead one to the following complications.

  • Erythema (redness)
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Dermatitis (various forms of acne)
  • Irritation
  • Unwanted hair (in case you accidentally apply the product to the other areas)

Minoxidil generally causes slight dryness of the skin. Therefore, you may observe scaliness around your eyebrows. Overall, there are no grave dangers of Rogaine for eyebrows.

Other Options For Growing Eyebrows

Along with rogaine, there are some other methods available as well to promote brows growth. The following are the two best of them.

1. Bimatoprost (Latisse)

Unfortunately, if you have sparse eyebrows left due to the brows hair loss (hypotrichosis), except a few, there are not many options to regain the lost hair. Bimatoprost (Latisse) is one of those few choices which has shown efficacy and safety for regrowing thicker and fuller eyebrows.

A study carried out on adult males and females with eyebrows loss showed that employing 0.03% bimatoprost caused significant improvement in brows growth. The study comprised 7 months evidenced substantial hair growth after the first two months.

Due to multiple studies supporting bimatoprost for eyelashes growth, FDA has approved it as a safe and effective treatment for eyelash loss. However, they have not yet recommended it for eyebrows growth owing to the lack of enough research and supporting evidence. But, investigations are underway to get its usage approval.

Still, dermatologists suggest Latisse after analyzing the patient’s causes of eyebrows loss. And we will also suggest you visit your physician before trying out this option.

2. Eyebrow Transplant

For creating a fuller and thicker look, experts transplant hair to your eyebrow area. They take these hair follicles from the region above your ear. The procedure is safe and can efficiently provide a natural-looking appearance because transplanted hair is yours.

It takes almost 2 to 3 hours to implant the hair follicles and can be a bit costly. Hair does not grow all of a sudden and takes a few months.

Wrapping Up

Rogaine, generally used for treating alopecia, has been found effective for accelerated hair growth in the eyebrows area. While it is safe to use on the brows, employing a proper technique can save you from negative repercussions. We will suggest you visit a dermatologist before starting the medication. It is always a best practice to avail an experts checkup who can recommend you the best possible option regarding your condition.