Removing Skin Tags With Nail Polish: How Does It Work?

removing skin tags with nail polish

Skin tags are small outgrowths or extra redundant skin that are usually a couple of millimeters in size. Scientists have looked into every rabbit hole of research to find out the exact cause of skin tags. However, they haven’t discovered the root problem. While skin tags are painless and don’t pose any grave health risk, they sometimes shadow your overall physical appearance. Therefore, various techniques have been devised to do away with them, like removing skin tags with nail polish.

There are multiple home remedies for removing them, of which nail polish is one. A clear nail polish, when applied to the skin tag, asphyxiates the skin cells. Ultimately, it effectively removes skin tags by stirring up cell destruction. However, there are questions about the safety of this procedure. 

At SkinVeteran, we believe in helping our readers maintain youthful and healthy skin. Today, we will take a closer look at the course of removing skin tags with nail polish. Also, we will go over its safety and some other techniques that can help you in this regard.

How To Remove Skin Tags With Nail Polish?

Nail polish removes skin tags effectively but not in one go. You have to repeat the following steps for three days to pull off clearer skin. 

  • Diligently apply a moderate amount of clear nail polish on your skin tags.
  • Always make sure that nail polish does not touch your normal skin. Otherwise, you can face complications.
  • Let the nail polish dry before proceeding to the bed.
  • Leave it on skin tags overnight.
  • Repeat the procedure for three to four days for maximum results.

After the first night, skin tags will turn black and small due to cell death. And by iterating the procedure three times, they will vanish completely.

Is it Safe to Remove Skin Tags with Nail Polish?

Experts do not suggest applying nail polish on your skin for any reason because chemicals in it can cause several complications. In the case of nails, even if they are hard, repeated application of nail polish turns them yellow and weaker. Therefore, skin being sensitive is more susceptible to chemical damage of nail polish.

Specifically, when you have skin tags on your face or eyelids, do not think of employing nail polish for them. Your face has a higher number of pores than most of your other body parts. Therefore, it will allow more and more nail polish chemicals to penetrate, which can result in allergic reactions and irritation.

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Other Home Remedies for Skin Tags

While skin tags can easily be removed at home, it is better to visit a dermatologist first, especially if the tags are large. A proper evaluation by an expert will save you from negative repercussions. The following home remedies, which are anecdotal, can effectively take down skin tags from your armpits, neck, eyelids, and other areas.

1. Liquid Iodine For Skin Tags

Based on anecdotal pieces of evidence, you can use liquid Iodine to remove skin tags. It will be satisfactory for you to know that Iodine prevents bacterial infections as well. Therefore, using it against skin tags will eliminate the chances of infection. 

Here is how to use Iodine for removing skin tags that sometimes look bizarre.

  • Apply petroleum jelly on the surroundings of skin tags to protect your normal skin from any complications.
  • Employ a Q tip (cotton swab) for the safe application of liquid nitrogen on your skin tags.
  • Cover the skin tags with lint or a bit of strap and let Iodine dry.
  • Wash off the Iodine with lukewarm water after it is completely dry.
  • You can iterate the procedure twice a day until the skin tags fall off.

2. Remove Skin Tags by Weakening their Base

An easy and effective way of detaching tags from the skin is by enfeebling its base or stalk. You can do it in multiple ways as the following suggested method.

  • Hold your skin tag firmly with your hand or any other tool.
  • Move it circularly to create strain on the base.
  • Don’t put much force as skin tags can tear away, causing bleeding.
  • After moving it a bit, hold it there for 5 minutes which will weaken the base as well as the skin tag.
  • Now release the hold and wait for 3 to 4 days.
  • It will fall away by itself.

3. Getting Rid of Skin Tags By Ceasing Their Blood Supply

It is another effective and safe home remedy where you tie dental floss with the stalks of skin tags. It ultimately ceases blood supply to the tag’s body. Follow these steps for removing skin tags with a piece of dental floss.

  • Take a piece of dental floss and tie it around the stalk of the skin tag.
  • Does not tie it too much tight to avoid injury
  • Leave skin tags tied for an hour and then untie the base.
  • Due to no supply, there will be cell death, which ultimately causes skin tags to fall off in a few days.
  • Also, apply apple cider vinegar on them to maximize the results.

4. Nitrogen Kits To Freeze and Remove Skin Tags

In the clinical procedure, experts employ nitrogen to freeze down and remove unwanted skin tissues. This procedure is referred to as cryotherapy. 

This technique is also effective against skin tags. Read about how to use nitrogen for removing the skin tags and then buy a kit.  

Be mindful of the fact that one-time usage of freezing nitrogen will not remove the skin tags. You may require to use it 3 to 4 times for ultimate results. 

Also, when spraying the freezing nitrogen on skin tags, handle it properly so that it does not touch the surrounding skin. Consider applying petroleum jelly on the skin around skin tags. It will help to protect it from nitrogen.

Wrapping Up

Removing skin tags with nail polish or DIY methods can be effective. However, be careful about the way you carry out these home remedies. We will suggest you visit a dermatologist to get your skin evaluated. And if you don’t afford surgical removal at the clinic, try out the above-mentioned DIY ways to remove skin tags.