How to Remove Gorilla Snot Gel From Hair?

how to remove gorilla snot gel from hair

Gorilla snot hair gel is a fantastic product for laying down thick and curly hair. It has a very thick and sticky consistency that can slick down any hair type. Due to the high gluey texture, gorilla snot gel requires quite an effort to remove from your hair.

However, after learning a few techniques we discussed here, washing it out from your hair will be effortless.
This gel lays down the edges or can get you a sleek ponytail. But never leave it in your manes over a day; otherwise, it will flake and become difficult to wash out. Also, it may cause hair loss.

You can remove the gorilla snot out of your hair by using a combination of oil and clarifying shampoo. The oils dissolve the gel while shampoo rinses both out of the hair.

This article will explain some easy yet effective ways to wash away gorilla snot. Further, we answered if it can cause hair loss and how often to apply it.

2 Easy Ways To Remove Gorilla Snot From Hair

Removing gorilla snot gel is not that hard when you don’t leave it in your hair for more than a day. You can just wet your hair with warm water and then wash it with a clarifying shampoo to remove gorilla snot.

However, if you still struggle to wash the gel out, employing any of the following two ways will be helpful.

1. Use Oil and Clarifying Shampoo

Oils can dissolve the gorilla snot gel into them while breaking its bonds with hair strands. And clarifying shampoo will rinse away both gel and oil from your manes easily. 

Follow these instructions to remove gorilla snot out of your hair.

  • Take a handful of daily hair oil and apply it to your hair where gorilla snot is entangled.
  • Let it sit in your mane for half-hour.
  • After that, take a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair holding gorilla snot.
  • Take a shower, rinse the oil, and gel with a good clarifying shampoo.
  • If the shampoo doesn’t work well, mix a tbsp of baking soda and then use it.

Ensure that you moisturize and nourish your hair after using a clarifying shampoo to prevent dryness.

2. Use a Dawn Dish Soap To Remove Gorilla Snot Gel

Dawn dish soap is a strong cleansing agent that is not recommended for daily hair wash. However, you can employ it once or twice a week to remove gorilla snot gel.

  • Oil your hair and allow it to dissolve the gorilla snot gel for 30 minutes.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair and remove gel flakes.
  • Rinse the gel out of your hair using a handful of dawn dish soap.
  • Try mixing lemon juice with the soap for better results.

Both clarifying shampoo and dawn dish soap is strong cleansing agents, which shouldn’t be used frequently on hair. They can rip off moisture from your locks and scalp as well. 

Gorilla Snot Gel Vs Gorilla Snot Glue

Gorilla snot glue is an all-purpose household adhesive. It became famous when a lady published a video where she used gorilla snot glue to sleek down her hair. Everyone wondered how she would remove that glue out of her hair.

It is not easy to wash away the gorilla snot glue from your hair. You would need acetone, a lot of it, to remove the glue. But in return, it may devastate your hair.

On the other hand, gorilla snot gel is a cosmetic product employed to slick down hair edges, set hair that sticks up or gets a sleek ponytail. People who have thick and curly hair normally use it because other gels don’t work that well on their hair.

Due to the thick consistency of gorilla snot gel, it lays down hair perfectly. However, we never suggest using it frequently.

Why? Let’s get to that!

Does Gorilla Snot Gel Cause Hair Loss?

There are no direct studies to confirm if gorilla snot causes hair loss or not. However, it contains chemicals like alcohol that dry out your hair shaft. So, by using gorilla snot every other day, you might experience a bit of hair fall.

Using any hair product that contains alcohol can damage your manes. It rips the natural oils from hair and leaves it brittle. And a gentle tug of the hairbrush will result in hair breakage.

Gorilla snot gel is not meant to be used often. So, if you use it occasionally, you should not face any negative effects. 

We suggest not using gorilla snot gel for those who already have thin or weak hair strands. It is because their hair may not withstand the dryness caused by the gel.

Also, if you have bleached or permed your hair, try not to use gorilla snot because your hair has already gone through a lot of chemical treatment.

Does Gorilla Snot Gel Flake?

Adir Abergel, a celebrity stylist, says that gorilla snot gel does not flake. However, it does flake if it is left in the hair for more than 24 hours. Gorilla snot gel contains alcohol which rips off the moisture and natural oil from the hair.\

As a result of the dryness caused by alcohol, the gel starts to peel off from the hair strands as time passes. So, it is best not to leave it in your hair for more than a day.

Should You Use Gorilla Snot On Edges or Whole Hair?

Most gorilla snot gel users prefer using it only to lay down edges rather than on the whole head. Unlike other tactics to smooth down edges, gorilla snot works perfectly and holds them down for a long time.

But if you have curly and textured hair and want to get the perfect sleek ponytail, you may love using gorilla snot instead of any other gels. Again, one should use it on special occasions but not daily. 

The Bottom Line

Gorilla snot is a very thick consistency gel that suits people with textured and curly hair because it is not easy to lay down. However, you can also use the gel to pull different hairstyles, but we suggest you employ it only to slick down edges. Or, use it occasionally. While the gorilla snot gel is affordable and provides a long hold, it can be too sticky and flaky.