7 Best Asian Eyelash Curlers For Hooded Eyes (Or Monolids)

Asian eyes are small with almost no or poorly defined crease over the eyelids. Therefore, the eyelashes grow straight down and become difficult to curl. And, the regular eyelash curlers don’t fit monolid or hooded eyes. So, if you have Asian eyes, you need specially designed eyelash curlers that can easily lift or curl your lashes.

At first glance, every other eyelash curler looks the same, but most of them will not be quite good at curling your lashes. The curlers come with different curvatures. As Asian eyes have entirely different shapes from Caucasians, you need to choose the one that matches the size and curvature of your eyes.

You need to buy eyelash curlers from Korean brands if you are Asian or have monolid eyes. They have a flatter curvature that best fits flat hooded eyes compared to the regular curlers available in the United States or Europe.

In this article, we have listed the best curlers for Asian eyes after doing some research and experimenting. They also go perfect with hooded and monolid eyes.

Things To Look Into Eyelash Curler When Buying For Asian Eyes

When there are scores of eyelash curlers on the market claiming to lift or curl your lashes perfectly, finding the right one for your Asian or monolid eyes becomes a bit difficult. 

However, if you consider a few points before having your hands on any of these lash curlers, it will be easy to acquire one that fits your eyes and keeps your eyelashes curled all day long. 

So, when buying an eyelash curler for Asian eyes, you should look following things in it. 

  • The curvature, a flat clamp or mouth of the eyelash curler best suits the Asian flatter eyes. 
  • Stiff Pads, but not too rigid to hurt your eyes. These types of pads help curl stubborn eyelashes. 
  • Not too wide to fit your eyes. The regular eyelash curlers come with a wide clamp that usually suits wide and round eyes but not the Asian. 

Top Eyelash Curlers For Hooded Eyes or Monolids

The narrow curvature eyelash curlers gracefully work well on the hooded eyes, alternatively called Asian eyes. If you have monolids where you don’t see any notable eyelids crease, opting for a smaller eyelash curler will do a great deal of favour for curling your lashes.

The following are some of the tried and tested eyelash curlers for Asian eyes that will prove to be the best tool in your makeup arsenal.

1. Eyelash Curler From Shiseido For Asian Eyes

When looking for a perfect eyelash curler for Asian eyes that are primarily monolids, hooded, or flat, people end up buying this excellent lash curler from Shiseido. 

It is best-selling and recommended by many stylists because it has a flat clamp that goes best with straight or pointing down eyelashes. Speaking after experimenting with this curler, it takes far less time curling your lashes than other curlers available for monolid or hooded eyes. 

While it is a bit on the expensive side, the price does justice to the product. It lasts for years, and you can get refills for pads. Unless your eye shape is very uncommon, it will grab all of your eyelashes and curl them in a minute.

2. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (Our Choice)

The regular lash curlers come in rounded shapes. But as most Asian people have flatter eyes, they need a curler with a flat curling surface. And who makes this type of device?

Shiseido is a widely trusted and used brand by actors and top makeup artists. Their Shu Uemura eyelash curler is famous as a top-notch product for curling and lifting lashes, especially for those with monolids or hooded eyes. 

What makes it stand out from other curlers is its arc shape which is relatively flat and goes perfectly with Asian eyes. The curls from this curler last longer, but the product itself functions even longer, I mean years!

The negative reviews about Shu Uemura come from the ladies who mistakenly buy it for their round and curved eyes. Indeed, it does not fit the bigger eyes because it is designed for monolids or flat Asian eyes. 

3. Rephr Eyelash Curler For Asian Eyes

If you are looking for a high-end and affordable lash curler that can compete with the famous SHISEIDO eyelash curler, you have found one. It comes with a pretty flat surface, which means it will work best at curling your Asian eyelashes. 

The biggest pain point of curling eyelashes on monolid eyes is that even the curler designed for Asian people can’t curl the outer corner lashes. 

However, the Rephr eyelash curler can grab about every single of your lash, even at corners. It comes with one install and one refill pad, but you can also order the extra pads.

The curler is specially calibrated and curated for Asian eyes. Therefore, it pulls off the best lift that lasts all day long. The only thing that might concern you about it is that this curler might take some extra effort than a Shiseido curler while curling your lashes. 

4. Chella Heated Eyelash Curler For Hooded Eyes

The heated eyelash curlers are new-generation products that do not have the clamp, like the usual ones. They take less time curling your lashes but make them stay curled for longer. 

You can buy the heated curler for your Asian without reading its specifications because it works for all eye types. It comes in the shape of a comb or spoolie, and its teeth heat up when you turn on the curler. You have to push the comb against your lashes for a few seconds, and they will get a perfect curl by absorbing the heat. 

In addition to not pinching the skin around your eyes, heated eyelash curlers are so lightweight that you can carry them anywhere and can recharge your curls at any time.

5. Revelee lash Curler For Monolids

This eyelash curler does what it claims. If you have been struggling to curl your eyelashes because they point straight down due to your monolid eyes, you need to give Relevee Lash Curler a whirl. While its price is steep, you won’t regret buying it. 

It lets you curl your stubborn lashes from their roots while not pinching your skin around the eyes. Due to its flat surface and short width, it is the perfect candidate for Asian eyes. 

Unfortunately, it is not meant for everyone but for those with flat eyelids, and also, it’s a bit on the pricey side. 

6. Preo Prima Shogyo Partial Lash Curler

Unlike the regular curler, how will it go if you can curl your lashes in sections? Yes, you can do it! An Asian brand devised an eyelash curler that looks like the staple remover but gives more control over your lashes.

This secret Japanese beauty tool can curl both inner and outer eyelashes, which is difficult when using usual curlers. It is a game-changer for people with tiny eyes and hooded eyelids. 

There is no risk of pinching the skin when curling at the lashline in the small sections with Preo Prima Shogyo Partial Lash Curler. Also, you don’t have to look for flat curlers when curling your Asian lashes with this product. 

It is super easy to use and can do wonders for the monolid eyes. The best thing about this curler is to curl your eyelashes with excellent details. It even allows you to pick an individual lash and lift it.

7. Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

Are you looking for the best budget eyelash curler that goes perfect with your Asian eyes? Here it is! It has got the most customer reviews on our list of eyelash curlers. 

While it works fine for all types of eyes, its results for monolids are above par. The curler has a firm grip and a bit flat mouth, which helps curl the pointing down lashes. 

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler comes with refill pads that are stiff enough to curl your lashes straight away. Further, these pads are safe and don’t rip off your lashes. 

There is no comparison between the price and quality of this eyelash curler because it is made out of 100% stainless steel, which makes it last longer. 

The only downside of it, which may concern you, is that it doesn’t work for tiny and typically hooded eyes. However, if your eyes are somewhere between round and flat, this curler will go perfectly with them. 

Wrapping Up

Eyelashes add a lot to the beauty of your eyes. The curled and lifted eyelashes make your eyes look bigger and broader. And when you are someone with monolids or Asian eyes, curling lashes and turning your eyes to look more awake seems a bit of effort.

We have experimented and gone through many reviews to find out some of the best eyelash curlers for Asian eyes, and do you know what? We concluded that lash curlers from Asian brands or the ones who curate curlers and calibrate them for monolids and tiny eyes are best. Shiseido, She Uemera, and Rephr make some of the best pieces.